Proliant ML350 G4P with RocketRaid 1820a

My boss just bought an ML350 g4p (scsi), then decided to get a highpoint rocketraid 1820a with 6 250Gb SATA HDD. After installing the raid card and starting up i kept getting a boot disk not found error message. assuming it was a bios setting i attempted to correct the issue but realised i could not get into the bios. so i take the 1820a card out, viola! the bios is available and the server can boot from CD. i played with the bios settings as well as the 1820a bios settings but can not succesfully boot or access ml350 bios with the raid card installed.

does anyone know how i can fix this problem?

the raid card works fine, i have tested it in another computer. and i was also able to succesfully install 2003 server with just one drive plugged into the onboard sata on the mobo. any help would be appreciated

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Sanga CollinsSystems AdminAsked:
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Have you tried it in another slot?
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminAuthor Commented:
yes i have. i tried different slots in the ML350, as well as putting the card in another computer. (it works fine in another computer)
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminAuthor Commented:
i found an answer

by flashing the bios of the 1820a you can use the '-c' parameter to open up an additional menu that allows you to disable features on the card. these features can prevent proliant servers from starting correctly.
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