Handling double click event on items in CListCtrl

I am doing a poject in Win32 App that uses CListCtrl class.I want to know how to handle the double click event on items and know which item the user clicked on. Also when the user double clicks the item I want to open a note pad window that displays details of the clicked item. Please tell me what message map/message handler I should add to achieve this.


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Hi Jejo, the message you have to handle to accomplish this is the NB_DBLCLK...

For you to know what item is selected you just have to call: pListCtrl->GetSelectionMark();

Then you can call pListCtrl->GetItemText(pListCtrl->GetSelectionMark(), nSubItemToQuery) to get the corresponding text for each column...

Then you can output it to a text file and open it using:

ShellExecuteA(NULL, "open", pszFileNamePath, NULL, NULL, SW_SHOW);

Hope it helps...

jejob007Author Commented:
Hi NeoEGM thanks for your valuable comment.

Selecting items and opening file works fine but still can you please elaborate more on the NB_DBCLK message.How do I handle this message.What function do  I write and what should I write in declare message map area.


This would be a generic message map for you to handle the message...

BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CWindowClass, CBaseWindowClass)
          ON_NOTIFY(NM_DBLCLK, IDC_LIST1, OnNMDblclkList1)

Anyway, if you are using VisualStudio, you could just make it write it for you... Just right click the ListCtrl in the dialog and go to AddEventHandler...


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