power to module on a Cisco 6509...

Ok, here is the problem, Our company purchased a new blade for our 6509 and when i install the blade i don't get an power to it...no status light or anything...Now it does show up in the config and i can makse configuration changes to it but there is still no power and on a sh module is shows up as powered down...My question is how do i power it up???


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What's your system power status?  Example:

colo1-hstn#sh power
system power redundancy mode = redundant
system power total =     1153.32 Watts (27.46 Amps @ 42V)
system power used =       377.58 Watts ( 8.99 Amps @ 42V)
system power available =  775.74 Watts (18.47 Amps @ 42V)
                        Power-Capacity PS-Fan Output Oper
PS   Type               Watts   A @42V Status Status State
---- ------------------ ------- ------ ------ ------ -----
1    WS-CDC-1300W       1153.32 27.46  OK     OK     on
2    WS-CDC-1300W       1153.32 27.46  OK     OK     on
                        Pwr-Requested  Pwr-Allocated  Admin Oper
Slot Card-Type          Watts   A @42V Watts   A @42V State State
---- ------------------ ------- ------ ------- ------ ----- -----
1    WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE    138.60  3.30   138.60  3.30  on    on
2    WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE    138.60  3.30   138.60  3.30  on    on
3    WS-X6348-RJ-45      100.38  2.39   100.38  2.39  on    on

If you don't have enough system power available, the card won't come on.
Which exact module is it - part number please.
All power to blades comes from backplane. Depending on switch chassis and sup engine, different blades must be in specific slots in the chassis.
What version CATOS? Are you running Native IOS, CATOS, or hybrid?
mcguires13Author Commented:

IOS 12.2 (17)


have tried it in both slots 4 and now 7 no luck

Something similar, but not quite..

You may need to update the IOS
Which sup engine do you have? This line card is supposed to work with Sup 1A, 2 or 720.
 and • Any slot in any chassis

Do you have big enough power supply to support the PoE?

Do you have SmartNet? Call TAC...
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