New domain controller


I rebuilt my domain controller, so all the machines need to be rejoin domain,
my question is how do I change user profile back to the old one.
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One way to do this that is a pain in the but, but works is the Moveuser.exe tool.  Basically you would follow these steps:
1. Create a local user account on the machine with the same name as the domain user name.
2. Log on as the local user account on the machine.
3. Log off.
4. Log on as administrator
5. Run moveuser domain\username machinename\username /k /y
6. Join the computer to the domain and reboot.
7. Log on to the computer as the user on the domain.
8. Reboot the PC.
9. Logon as the administrator.
10. run moveuser.exe machinename\username domain\username /k /y

Pain in the butt, but it generally works.  Other than that you could probably use the File and Settings Transfer wizard.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I folowed this post:

When I select the old profile (it says Unknown Account, strange), the Copy To is disable.............I am domain admin...please help....thx
Hi mcrmg,

try logging in as the local admin first and see whether that makes any difference,
sounds like the SID's are corrupt

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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
same thing....I created another account that has domain admin right, loon and log off, then log on as loal admin.......only that new account I created's Copy To is enable...thx
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I found this link:...very useful

I followed the steps, it worked...however, I have AtivSync, blackberry all disappear...........maybe it is because when I installed the software, I disable all other users, is there a way to fix this???  Something like setting permission for the new users?  thx
Hello Bro.
Try this out and see if this helps...
How To Restore a User Profile in Windows Server 2003 KB 324734
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
It is working now, I needed to reinstall those missing software....but, there is one thing very strange, when I tried to download something off internet, it saved to the desktop of old user profile, not the new one, is there a way to fix this?  thx
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