Create Dynamic Radio Button List Using XML

I'm writing a web user control that contains 3 RadioButtonList web controls in addition to other controls.  

I would like to make this control reusable for different applications so instead of hard coding the radio buttons, I would like to dynamically add them when the form is loaded.  In addition to setting up the radio button item text, I would also like to associate a stored proc name that would be executed when the radio button is selected.  I was thinking that having this data in an external xml file would be the way to go since the xml file could be easily replaced/modified for other uses, and the user control would not need to be recompiled or redeployed.  

I am *really* new at using xml, so I am not sure of the best way to form it for this use.  It seems that each example I have found in my searches are all so different, that I am more confused than when I first started exploring this.  I would like to be able to use the xmlReader to create the radio buttons and gather the proc name.

Please let me know if you can add radio buttons to a RadioButtonList in this fashion, and how to get started on forming the XML.

I'm using Visual Studio 2002 - with VB code behind for the .ascx file.

Example Result:

RadioButtonList1 (can have up to 12 items)
  Map       (calls sp_Map)
  Class     (calls sp_class)
  Owner   (calls sp_owner)
  Street    (calls sp_street)
  Location (calls sp_Location)

RadioButtonList2 (can have up to 8 items)
  Vacant   (calls sp_vacant)


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janmariniAuthor Commented:

Figured this out ....

XML looks something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <!-- START OF: RadioButtonList1 name rbl1 max 12 values -->
            <desc>Land Use Code</desc>
      <!-- END OF: RadioButtonList1 name rbl1 -->
      <!-- START OF: RadioButtonList2 name rbl2 max 8 values -->
            <desc>Vacant Properties</desc>
            <desc>Open Permits</desc>
      <!-- END OF: RadioButtonList2 name rbl2 -->
      <!-- START OF: RadioButtonList3 name rbl3 max 4 values-->
      <!-- END OF: RadioButtonList3 name rbl3 -->

And Code looks like this:


'Populate dynamic RadioButtonLists using psRadioButtonsList.xml
        If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
        End If

Private Sub PopulateLists()
        'Create dynamic RadioButtonLists from XML file
        'Schema column (0)=Value (1)=Desc (2)=Storedd Proc Name
        'Assumes DataSet.Table is created for each ListBox (3)
        'If Table is empty set RadioButtonList.visible = False
        'Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet()
        Dim t As DataTable
        Dim r As DataRow
        Dim c As DataColumn
        Dim a
        For Each t In ds.Tables
            'a = "TableName: " + t.TableName
            Select Case t.TableName
                Case "rbl1"
                    For Each r In t.Rows
                        If r(0).ToString() <> "" Then
                            rbl1.Visible = False
                            Exit For
                        End If
                    Next r
                Case "rbl2"
                    For Each r In t.Rows
                        If r(0).ToString() <> "" Then
                            rbl2.Visible = False
                            Exit For
                        End If
                    Next r
                Case "rbl3"
                    For Each r In t.Rows
                        If r(0).ToString() <> "" Then
                            rbl3.Visible = False
                            Exit For
                        End If
                    Next r
            End Select
        Next t
    End Sub

Example to obtain Vlaue and Stored Proc Name when item is selected in RadioButtonList

Private Sub rbl1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles rbl1.SelectedIndexChanged
        If rbl1.SelectedIndex = -1 Then
            col1 = rbl1.SelectedItem.Value
            Dim strProcName As String = ""

            Dim drv1 As DataRowView
            Dim dataview1 As New DataView()
            dataview1.Table = ds.Tables("rbl1")
            dataview1.RowFilter = "[desc] = '" & Trim(col1) & "'"

            For Each drv1 In dataview1
                'Save value as session variable needed for later processing in session
                Session("col1") = drv1("value")
                strProcName = drv1("proc")
      End If
End Sub
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