My vcom system suite 5 killed my newly install excel program and all the spreadsheets I created with it . why did this happen ??

Hello ,
I recently installed excel 03 on my pc , 2 gig memory 205 gig hdd.. the works everything is ok on that end
Ok so far so good , I created a dozen or so speadsheets with financial stuff with the excel.. I think I learned how to use it pretty well .
I do have a compulsion to backup and maintain my computer and I have every backup software and hardware you could think of .
I also have registry mechanic and I use the xp system tools disc clean also and have a the vcom system suite 5 also with cleanup tools and registry cleaners just like norton system works or what ever ..
well I put on the registry cleaner and saw eighty five green squares , orphant or links to nowhere it said and  ok to delete them all , well I never had a problem before deleting those things and used it for a few years so I clicked apply
and it killed excel and all the spreadsheets , also registry mechanic and word too so I tried system restore and tried to go back one day and it said unsuccessfull , so I thried two days same thing three days same thing
 so I went ahead and unistalled and reinstalled everything and vowed never to use that again , so now I have this more innoculous clean up tool in there called quick clean and it had everything checked off to clean my system so I clicked apply and guess what happened the same thing and I did the same remedy and all is well now  , now I also did the xp disc clean ( tif and all that stuff but not temp folder ) so I don;t know for sure which killed my excel , but I think it was the vcom system suite 5 , so now I am afraid to use the registry mechanic to clean my system and afraid to use the xp disc clean , I don't know why this happened , it was about four or five days after I installed the excel that I tried to clean my PC , I wonder if you have to wait longer to use those things , should I uninstall and reinstall the vcom system suite , and maybe the green squares will not be there ?? and maybe I could use the quick clean again . What do the experts think I should do and why did this happen .
Oh by the way , the system suite people are offering no support for version 5 because they just put out version 6
Thank You
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They are mostly defective, windows XP can keep track of its own registry, thank you.
How would you like it if someone told you you couldnt clean your own house or car?
Right, so leave the registry to windows, and scrap this extraneous injurious software.
Remove all registry cleaners and anything else trying to manage windows incompetently.
zalman00Author Commented:
Thank you for your help
But I have used the registry cleaners for years and never had a problem ( ever!) this is the first time and it was after I installed excel , I wonder if there is some kind of connection .

This is what the registry cleaners do
1-Recycle bin
2-Web cache
3-Web history  
4-Lost clusters with the extention .chk
5-Temporary help files with the extention .gid
6-Empty folders with the extention .tmp or .temp
7-Broken shortcut links with the extention .tmp      
 8-Backup files with the extention .bak
9- emphy folders with the name temp or tmp
10-Temp. internet files
11-Temporary files
12Web client publisher temp files
13-Off line web pages
14-Compress old files .
15 user software settings
16-machine software settings
17- active x and com sections ( this is the most troublesome)
18- fonts section
19-run section
20-sound section
21-uninstall section
22-services ane device drivers section
23- application paths
24- shared files
25 help section
and I use the registry machanic software program to also clean out my registry besides and never had a problem in six years cleaning the registry , its only after I installed excel 2003 the other day on my computer
Thank You
I have posted a question in this and other forums regarding Registry repair programs.  The Vcom was suggested by the most experienced posters and I have been using it with good results.  The term cleaner usually refers to covering you tracks, and deleting files.  You need to run the repair function, not the cleaner if you are just wanting to streamline the registry.  The defrag can then be run to consolidate the files on the disk once they have been repaired (or paired down).  

You may be able to recover the files with something like undelete, wich is about $40.  There are more advanced recovery programs that are more expensive and can probably recover your files quite easily.  I use and rstudio program that is very good.
The demo will allow you to see if the files are available to recover.
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By defrag I mean - the Vcom registry defrag that defrags the registry files.  I am not talking about a disk defrag.
zalman00Author Commented:
Hello ,
I have read somewhere , I don't remember where in may have been the vcom system suite 5 manual ,  which stated that vcom system suite 5 registry defragger is unsafe to use on windows xp , its only supposed to be used to defraggment the registry if you operating system is windows 98 . I did use it when I fix got my computer before reading this warning and it did crash my computer and ,  thats the reason I never use it anymore .
zalman00Author Commented:
Hello ,
I also have registy mechanic , which I use often to clean the registry and I have never once had any problems with it and I have used it at least one hundred times ..
I have to either unistall the vcom system suite 5 program and not use it anymore because since I intall the excel software I can't use any of the tools for cleaning and optimizing my system
 or maybe I should  uninstall and reinstall it , would that help ? Or just buy the new vcom version system suite 6 just released , would that solve my problems with excel and optimizing with third party programs ??

You are confusing the directions regarding the disk defrag.  It is not needed with XP but is helpful for other versions of Windows

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