Changing OS language from german to english and viceversa

Suppose that i have WINDOWS xp pro german version. Is it possible to change os language to english and viceversa back to german when needed without further reinstallation of windows?

If so what are neccessary steps?

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Hi chanoen,

start - settings -control panel - regional and language options

Jay Jay 70,

"regional and language options" only alters the input language. If what is required is to change the actual language that XP displays in, that is more complicated.

I recently attempted to change a client's computer from Spanish to English (they had bought the XP disk in Spain). As far as I could tell, it was possible to get the English version to display in another language, but not the other way round. In otherwords, if you have a German copy of XP, there appears to be no option to render it into English.

I didn't spend a lot of time on this, so if anyone knows of a method to do it, I'd be interested to know what it is.
under the same key i showed you above

under languages - details - language bar, enable it

with that tool you can show xp in whatever language
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ohh i see what you mean, friend had a korean box here last night and he could change to english

maybe he had a language pack installed
Language pack is still only going to have an effect on input language. You can type documents and spell check in Word in whatever language you have enabled, but XP operating system will still display in English (or whatever the original release language of the disk is). It will say "start" and "click here to begin" and "all programs" and so on.

As I said, I think that it is only possible to change from English to another language, but not the other way around.

Anyone know of a way to do this?
Thank you sadokan2006, your link reinforces my point. You can install Microsoft's Multilingual User Interface Pack ONLY onto the English Language version of XP Pro.

The answer to your question is that if you have "Windows XP pro german version" you cannot change it into English, but if you start with an English version, you can indeed convert that to German.

Hope this is helpful.
But you could buy & install an English copy of WinXP (preferable on this order) on another HD, another partition, or another directory. :)
chanoenAuthor Commented:
i saw that from other posts, but i wasnt 100% sure thats why i asked again.

 however my question is now if i i get an english version of windows xp pro, then install MUI and then is it possible to switch to german and viceversa without reinstallation of windows xp pro? the point is i would like to get from english start- settings that to change to german language after switch and viceversa?

If its possible what are the steps?

If you install the MUI on an English XP Pro installation, you can choose the display language through Control Panel:

"How do I select, or change, a user interface language?
Select the appropriate Menus and dialogs language from the Regional Options applet in Control Panel. The Menus and dialogs drop down list will display all the installed languages. For more details, see our guide on How to: Change the language used to display menus and dialogs. Note that the user interface language is a per-user setting."

Full details here:

Hope this helps.

Good luck!
chanoenAuthor Commented:
will see that i may when ill have mui available, but noone yet answered to me if i can change os language for instance english to german with mui and viceversa in almost real time so that my computer would become arbeits platz settings would become einstellung or whatever word for settings is in german?

Thanks, after i test it (it will be on may i think 7th of may) ill give the points away.

If you read the link in my post above, you will find that it is possible to do what you want to do, so long as your initial XP version is in English language.

Good luck!

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