Why does my repeat region go horizontal instead of vertical?

I have a 2-column table that is defined as a repeat region.
The first column is defined to be {rs_StepsDetail:StepNumber}
The second column is defined to be {rs_StepsDetail:StepDetails}
I have three steps for the particular record that I am looking at.
They all display horizontally across the page instead of vertically (i.e., instead of one row per step).

Here's the code:

            <cfoutput query="rs_StepsDetail">
              <td width="50" valign="top"><img src="../../images/gifs/20x1inv.gif" width="20" height="1" /><span class="plaintext">#rs_StepsDetail.StepNumber#</span><img src="../../images/gifs/20x1inv.gif" width="20" height="1" /></td>
              <td width="650" valign="top"><span class="plaintext">#rs_StepsDetail.StepDetails#</span></td>
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Your <tr> and </tr> are *outside* your <cfoutput> block.  Put them inside if you want each <td> block on separate row.
alicia1234Author Commented:
Thanks ... I actually just figured that out!
But your confirmation is good. At least I know that that is what the problem was!
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