VNCViewer on Linux


I'm trying to run VNC viewer v4.1.9 on Linux (ubuntu) but it keeps aborting.
The command outputs the following:

TcpSocket: connected to
CConn:  Connected to host port 5900
CConn:  Encryption set to 'Server'
CConnection:  Server supports RFB protocol version 4.0
CConnection:  Using RFB protocol version 4.0

Similarly, if I try to run the vncserver on the Linux box, it just aborts out.  I can ping the target server and it can ping me.  

All ideas would be appreciated.

Gracias and happy 4.20,
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
do you have graphic mode?
LouAtColumnAuthor Commented:
Yep.  The VNCviewer window comes up, I enter the IP:port, select the ecryption (I've tried all settings there), Click OK, window closes, term windows says aborto.
No logs, no other error messages that I can find (in the app home dir nor /.vnc folder).

Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:

I'm trying to understand here.

you have a windows server with a vnc server on it, right?
such windows server has an enterprise version (commercial) of real vnc?
if this is the case, then you cannot connect to it using a free vnc client, since protocol is different.

I don't know if the purchased version of vnc has a client/server for linux, but I believe they should have one. So the best bet is to download their enterprise client for linux so it has the same protocol and can connect.

if this is not the case, please post:
OS of the server machine, and brand and version of the vnc server
OS of the client machine, and brand and version of the vnc client

in order to fully understand where is the problem

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