New ISP Startup - Need Advice

I'm trying to start a wireless ISP (WISP) using Motorolla Canopy gear and I'm on a small budget and I was wondering if any of you pros have any recomendations as to how to properly set up an ISP to provide the best service including, monitor traffic for mis-use, optimizing usage, recommended monitoring software, tips or things that I should do to provide the best service.

I have so far,
1. One Mikrotik router. built from an Asus P5MT-M Server board with a P4 3.0 and 1GB ram and a 4 port nic card.
2. One FreeBSD email/dns server.
3. Rooftop rights to a providers co-location, with a 10mb link.
4. A Motorolla Backhaul on the roof  pointing to a local mountain.
5. A Motorolla Backhaul antenna on the tower on the mountain.
6. Two Motorolla AP's on the tower, one 5.8 and one 900mhz
7. Just got my 20th customer last week.
8. Working on getting to the top of another local hilltop.
9. I have dos to ping around with and WhatsUp Professional 2006 Premium Trial.
10. Everyone has a static public IP in one of 2 class C ranges.

Thats all I've got so far. What would you suggest I do next to plan for the future and to provide future customers with the best service?

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.
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for Low Cost if u want to design ISP like big player...

then you should go for ..

Authentication and authorization  : Open LDAP and FreeRadius  configure with ,mikrotik
- mikrotik has facility to configure radius client.which will talk to your radius server. this server is successfully tested and working...( by me )
- For databases you can use Mysql - it will keep all logs of usages.
- there are so many features you can configure.
 * MB -based usage  ( 100MB, 200MB, 300 MB, 1GB ...etc )
 * Time based usage  ( only night sufering plan, Monday,Tuesday ,Wed, )
 * Hourly based usage   ( 50 hrs packages , 100 hrs packages , 200 hrs ie any number hours u can defined )
 * Specific Bandwidth based  (  64Kpbs,128Kbps, 256Kbps till 10Mpbs )

I designed this portal for ISP and it is working gr8....since 3 years.

this is that it requires lots of works need to be done to achieve this..


Plz specify your requirement If can i help u or guide.. i will try .

linux2000in :: it's all about Open Source & Linux

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Hi Matrix1000,

you did not come back what happend to you start ISP ?? If u need help let me know ..i will try to help u .reason i had more than 5+ setup different kinda ISP technology , like Braodband, Metero Ethernet ISP , Based Band ISP , Dialup ISP ...

I also had exp. in setup DNS, mail server , Web server  , DHCP ( large scale more than 50000 customers )  and System Integration. OSS/BSS.


linux2000in :: it';s all about Open source & Linux
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