Access OWA from a different webserver (IIS)

I have a 2003 server as DC,a 2003 server with exchange2003 as mail server and a 2003 server as sharepoint and web server. My firewall redirects 80 traffic to the webserver. It is a way to redirect hhtp:// to the mail server?

*i know it could be possible to redirect to and then redirect the 443 port to the mail server but i only want to have one server connected to the outside.

thank u in advance
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The only way is to purchase a second Exchange 2003 standard license and install Exchange on to your web server. You would then configure it as a frontend server.

Another option would be to redirect 443 to the Exchange server. Configure a virtual directory on to your web server so that on the web server is redirected to which is on the other server.


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Which firewall do you use? ISA Server 2004 should be able to to a redirection by the called domain.

On the other hand, you may use a different external port, either 443 or any other port. You firewall can then redirect this port to the mail server. On the client side, you have to add the port to the address.
rimba_Author Commented:
Thank u very much for your comments, but i have one more question.  Does a front end server uses the same resources as a back end server? i mean ram, cpu, etc, i dont want the performance of my current configuration is affected by installing exchange on it.

*im about to install ISA 2004

thank you very much.
You mean Exchange Frontend?

Usually, a front end server do not host mailboxes. As exchange takes the memory to cache the mailboxes and public folders, the system requirements are mostly determined by the amount of memory, the stores will take from the RAM. If your frontend server do not host mailboxes and public folders, it acts simply as a relay and do not really cosume a lot of system resources. It is then determined by the number of mails, it has to realy.

I had a frontend relay server with virus scanner and spamfilter, hostet on a PIII 266 MHz with 384 MB RAM, where most of the RAM was taken by the spam filter software.
rimba_Author Commented:
I see, so i think ownt be much problem for mycurrent server. thank you very much.
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