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Dear all;

        I setup my linux EAS4 and connect it ADSL line "External Eth0 Card", i also setup internal eth0 card , this eth1 conneced to 48 port switch, then i connected all clients to it withought applying any IP's to them..

now i want all clients to be connected to get internet from the server using user name and password "PPPOE Client Software", so they must be connected through PPPOE "Client >> using PPPOE >> Redhat Server" to get the internet,by then while connecting they have to get dynamic ip address and internet access with limited upload and download rate for each user

i knew that i must configure PPP, PPPOE, Radius, MYSQL, Dialup Admin or any software to admin the Users "add, remove,limit account, ... etc", but for quick way i need full configuration you may provide or website discuss this project with step by step, if you have already configured such project you also can help and share it to me .. this will help alot

thanks alot
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
This is not a standard setup. standard is to configure nat and let some IP addresses go trough, some other IP's don't.

I'll try to point a solution

a) install a vpn server. PPTP comes with many linux distros and certainly has rpm's for you to install. that way you would be able to create a network for vpn users allowing just such network to be NATed to the internet. If the user don't have a username/password, he/she will not be able to surf the web. You can also give a unique IP for each user so if some user share it's username, he/she will not be able to use the internet at the same time (only one can take the ip assigned)

user will need to configure the standard "access to my work -> vpn" and give user/password and your internal linux server ip address.

b) for noone to take all bandwidth, you can change the default IP queue engine for linux from being FIFO to be a shared one. It requiere a lot of reading but I think you need to understand it:

hope that helps
happy linuxing
..anybody got a similar proxy project that would force-feed a certain URL on the browser when a client computer first connects, and then allow similar speed-restricted access as above? Ie. for public networks where we first want to say Hi, this is our service - and then allow the users to access the Internet but keep one user from hogging the whole bandwith.
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