backing up data using knoppix boot cd

hi ... i've created a knoppix boot cd and what i'd like to know is how to you go about backing up data to an external usb device? i can see the external device but i can't create folders or copy files to the device.
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you probably need to set write permissison on the device.

get  a command line, and switch to root by typing :


then, type


in order to find out the device name and where it is mounted. you will see it in the output of that command - if you can't figure it out, paste the output here and I'll help you.
then, unmount the device by typing

umount /mnt/usb

(or whatever it is called, as you would learn from the above)

then mount it again like

mount -o rw /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb

(again, you'll learn the /dev/??? from the mount command)

then you should be able to copy files to it.

if you are copying large amounts of data, I recommend doing it from the command line using the cp command, instead of using the gui

I suspect that the main issue is going to be permissions, as if your USB stick is plugged in when knoppix is booted, then is will probably have mounted the dirve correctly anyway.

start up a terminal, and type su

su will give you root status. The knoppix CD has no password for the root user. You then need to cp files from where you have them to the USB stick.

In order to find the path for the USB stick:

cat /etc/fstab

will give you the details.

man cp

if you need the command line format and switches for cp
With knoppix to get writing permision on a mounted device you just need to right click this device, and then you'll have an option where you can change the device to writeable. This won't work if the USB device is using ntfs though...
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