Listing a record more than once in a view

Hey all,

I'm trying to list some records more than once in Crystal reports, so I created 2 views in Lotus Notes database, each view lists some records. Now I'm creating another view that compines the first 2 views. Is it possible for the SELECT statement to select from a VIEW instead of a FORM ?

Faraj1969System AdministratorAsked:
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Not quite following.. why couldn't you write the select statement in the third view to do what you want?    If viewA is: Select form="A", and viewB is: Select form="B", then viewC is Select ((Form="A")|(Form="B")) & !@isAvailable($Conflicts) & deleteme="".  It's all how you nest the commands.

Otherwise, the answer is no with regard to "SELECT view="ABC"."  You could, however, use an agent to step throught and  select documents (getalldocumentsbykey) and put them into a folder that you can read with Crystal.

The other thought that since views translate as tables, you can just as easily write a SQL query in Crystal that does what you want using inner or outerjoins and a good where statements...

SELECT a1, a2, a3, b1,b2,b3 from a  INNER JOIN b on a.a1 = b.b1 where ....

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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
And if you want the same Notes documents to appear more than once in the Notes view (and therefore the Crystal report based on the view presumably) then just make a suitable column in the view multi-value and categorise by it or mark it as "display mutliple values as seperate" and you will get more than one line showing.  Post your select statements for each original view if you want them looked at...

I'm sorry, did dragon-it or I leave something out of our answers?  Please let us know what we might have missed for the grade to be a B

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
For some reason I've had a bout 5 "b"s' today.  Must be one of those days.  None of them warranted it :-(
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