How to forward resolution requests for one host to another DNS server

My company just outsourced our website to a hosting company.  It is reachable by over the Internet.

Since our internal DNS name space is also, our internal DNS server attempts to resolve the name which it can't.

I need to configure W2K3 DNS to forward name resolution requests for to our ISP's DNS servers.  Couldn't find a way to do that.

The hosting company says that the IP address for will change from time to time, so we can't add an A record to our internal DNS.

Looking for opinions.
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Changing IP addresses will probably not happen too often because that will just as well cause problems for the rest of the Internet (because of clients using cached DNS entries). Complain to the hosting company if addresses change every month, that's not normal.

A DNS server configured with a primary or secondary zone, that has itself listed on the Nameservers tab of the zone, is considered to be authorative for that zone and will not forward queries to another DNS server if the requested record can't be found. An error is returned, instead.
Just add a HOST record for www that points to the external site.

averybAuthor Commented:
Can't add a host record.  Apparently the hosting company changes the IPs from time to time and keeps their DNS servers updated with the correct IP address.
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Well, since your AD namespace is the same as the external namespace you have little choice.  You'll have to update your records when they update theirs.

This is why MS recommends you do not use a public namespace for AD.

Your hosting company is probably using host headers to resolve your site back to a backend web farm of theirs.

You can either:

a)  live with the changes, updating your records when the ip changes

b)  if your site is static for the most part, host a copy internally and point users there

c)  have your hosting changed from a "host header" type hosting to a static IP.  Or simply ask them if you can be placed on an IP and not be moved off it.
averybAuthor Commented:
I'm not running AD.  But will some day.  Changing DNS domain internally is not an option.  

Thanks for the information.

RANT32 had the best technical answer, but TheCleaner gave me options.

Decided just to add the IP to our internal DNS.  If it changes, then I'll deal with that.

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