Win cmd alternative

Hi Experts,

I don't mind using DOS, but I don't like the unflexibility (fonts, etc) of the cmd prompt (eg: for WinXP).
1. Can I use PuTTY instead of Start, Run, cmd?
2. If so, how do I configure it?
3. Or if not, what are some other good (& free) alternatives?

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You can change the fonts for cmd prompt by going into properties, (right click on on upper left corner of cmd window) and adjust them. You can also change color with color command.

For putty, you will need to enable telnet server on your machine and then telnet back with telnet local host command.

I do not think there are any other shells available for windows XP which will give you same functionality.
Pressing ALT-Enter in an CMD-window will make it full-screen. Maybe that works better for you...
(to get back to normal screen, press ALT-Enter again)
The real question is what are you trying to achieve?  You wrote you did not like the command prompt.  What are you trying to do that is difficult from this prompt?  If you want the cut and paste feature of Putty, you can activate QuickEdit Mode on the Options tab of the Command Prompt Properties.  You can also make other changes which may suit you better.

Click the small black c:\ icon next to the words Command Prompt in the title bar of the prompt window.  Also, you cannot use Crtl-C and Ctrl-V to cut and paste into this window, you have to click the icon, then Edit to both cut and paste.

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tel2Author Commented:
Thanks guys!

That was helpful.

- I was familiar with the font option, but I seem to be limited to Raster Fonts and Lucida Console.  How do I select other fonts?
- That color option was new for me (thanks), but I'm pretty happy with the default (white on black).
- I was familiar with Alt-Enter, but the fonts look really ugly when I go full screen.
- The small black "C:\" was a new one for me.  A handy alternative to right-clicking the shortcut!
- At this point, PuTTY's cut & paste is the major reason why I prefer PuTTY to cmd.  I didn't know about QuickEdit (thanks!), but it's not as good as PuTTY for copying wrapping text (it pastes as if it is multiple lines, instead of one long line).  Any solutions to this?
- I'm keen to try telnet server.  How do install/enable telnet server on Windows XP Home (SP2)?

I await your comments/answers to the above, and then I'll decide on which option (cmd or PuTTY) is best for me.

Goto Control Pannel/Administrative Tools/Services.
Click Twice on Telnet.
If it is disabled, enable it, click Apply, and then click start.

You can then connect via Putty to localhost.

tel2Author Commented:
Thanks naveedb,

Is that for XP Pro or Home?

In XP Home, I go to Control Panel, Administative Tools, Services, but the only services starting with "T" are:
- Task Manager
- TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
- Telephony
- Terminal Services
- Themes
- TrueVector Internet Monitor

Am I doing something wrong?
The telnet server service is unavailable under XP-Home. It is by default set to start manually on XP-pro (SP1) and is disabled on XP-pro SP2.
tel2Author Commented:
Thanks RiDo78,

Does anyone know if/how I can get a service (eg: Telnet, SSH, etc) working on XP Home (SP2) which would allow me to run PuTTY to connect to localhost?
tel2Author Commented:
Thanks for your efforts, guys.  For now, I'll use the Win cmd prompt, with some of the options you've suggested.
Keep up the good work.
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