Windows Defender requires GDI+

Has anyone had problems installing the New Windows Defender anti spyware tool on Window 2000 based systems?
I tried it on a number of 2000 based systems and always get the same message:-
Windows Defender requires GDI+. Please load the Windows 2000 security Software prerequisites pack.

However, each systems has had the latest Service packs, patches and GDI files installed. I have even tried reinstalling but still get the same message.

Installing the previos version works but I can see no way to check if the spyware definitions are ‘genuinely’ up to date.

On XP it works first time no problems!
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you seen the following "repair" for that issue. Perhaps it will help.
JPFNAuthor Commented:
Indeed I have run thought that before several times but I thought I try it one last time to be certain on this particular PC and it worked!
I’m not sure why the others failed It may have been that they did not have the previous version installed or that the update was attempted through a remote connection.
But I guess you hit the nail on the head! And I should go back and RTFM “Read The Friendly Manual”

Thanks again
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks JPFN, isn't Widows wonderfully consistent <G>
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