Backup Exec version Compatibility

I have a cd backup set made in 1999 with backup exec desktop (I think) and I would like to restore some of the data on it. I no longer have the cd and I've looked around the mess symantec has made out the veritas site and I can't find any info (presumably as they sold the desktop code to stompsoft and then to roxio?) As far as I can tell roxio isn't offering an eval version and I have no idea if their MyPC product will work and apparently symantec doesn't offer evals of of the Small Biz or Ent versions of the existing BE.

So...question is... does the MyPC from roxio support backups made with earlier versions does anyone know of a -legal- evaluation version of older veritas BED (no cracks or warez sites please and thanks)

If not, my one hope is that I seem to remember there's a copy on W2K server rez Kit (anyone have the disks to let me know if this is the case so i can wait till work on monday)

Any other solutions are appreciated of course...

(scary little lesson on the true value of archiving data...but that's another topic)
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The best you can learn from this is that veritas is a failed company, Symantec bought them in bankruptcy becuse their software was so defective it had more problems than it had solutions.  I know this annoys many people in this storage area, but tape drive is antique technology, it is being replaced by remote backup to networked hard disk or fiber array or SAN disk.  So get with the new trend and backup your crucial data to either DVD or remote disk on network.  That is the only way you are certain of restore.  You are looking at 7 years of Tape evolution, that is a lifetime in computers, and tapes are essentially dead, the problem is, most people dont recognize it, so they will hang on.  Look at all the latest backup strategies, none involve tape.  SO yes, it is as dead as Veritas is.  count the losses and move ahead.
> apparently symantec doesn't offer evals of of the Small Biz or Ent versions of the existing BE.

I don't know if Backup Exec was ever compatible with Backup Exec Desktop but it is certainly available for download. It is backwards compatible with all previous versions of BE server.

10.0 is at
10d is at

Both are 60 day trials.

Scratchyboy, that's twaddle; most backup installs still involve good old tape even if there is disk staging as an intermediary and Veritas is into a lot more than just backup products anyway.

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SidFishesAuthor Commented:
" So get with the new trend and backup your crucial data to either DVD or remote disk on network. "

well um kinda difficult to back up 350GB to dvd... about as useful as backing up to floppies.

Besides, as I stated in the Q, the files are on CD... Not tape.

Thx for the links DF... I'll check them

I did find the orignal program disk at work but they're not compatible with xp so I'll have to mount w98...(hmm...maybe a good time to try out virtual server!)

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