Whats the best way to get out of https and back to http

Many of my links on my pages are "../products.asp" etc... i..e they dont all have http://www.website.com/product.asp

so now some of my pages are https for example like my checkout pages.. but suppose if a user clicked on a link from within a https page like a  help link...   now the help link need not be secure right??  so in this case it should go back to http://.....  instead of https://

becuase my help page link is simply "help.asp" and not the full path it prepends the link with the current server protocol.

so whats the best way that many websites use to get out of https and back to http.?

i know that i can have a script that detects the protocol and can redirect right but is this the best way?  if it is, can someone tell me that script?
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Suppose your ASP always run under HTTP, not HTTPS.

You note that HTTPS use port 443 while HTTP use port 80.

So you may try putting this before the ASP actually begins:

If Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PORT") <> 80 Then
  Response.Redirect "http://www.website.com"  & Request.ServerVariables("URL")
End If

Hope this helps.

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Ricky11Author Commented:
Yeah okay.. but the problem is the page will be in https... becuase the user would have clicked on a link from within a secure page, and that link will take on the https protocol.. so it would also be in port 443.

as i mentioned my links do not have the full url they are like "products.asp" or "help.asp" etc..

so when i do specify http://mysite.com/entercreditcard.asp then if the user decides to click on products.asp from within the secure page.. https will be attatched to the link as https://mysite.com/products.asp  ...

so how do i change that so only certian pages are https... without going in and changing all my pages to the full url..

Ricky11Author Commented:
so when i do specify https...

should be as abvoe...
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