Hard Disk, partition table corrupted

My external hard disk, stopped working... I cant access the files anymore... But using Stellar Phoenix, I was able to back up files, slowly... but i was able to do so... Also, every 15 min or so, I had to turn off and on the hard disk, because it was giving me the message "Partition table is corrupted..." Now, when I search the hard disk, it wont find anything, all it has is "Partition table is corrupted, search for logical drives?" message.

Is there any way to restore the partition table or fix it in a way, that the files are not lost?

Any help would greatly be appreciated...
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The best is getdataback to recover the data from the HD. The trial download will scan the disk and show you what is recoverable, and after you have paid for the software you can recover it. With this tool you don't write anything to the corrupt disk, you just copy the data off it, so you need enough free space on another HD.

skathariAuthor Commented:
It is the same program as Stellar... The issue is still, the partition table, that needs to get fixed somehow... The fact, that I can recover some files sometimes, and then I have to turn the disk off and on, shows me that the partition table needs to be restored... I'm just not sure what to use to do that
There may be another problem, since you can recover data sometimes I don't think this is a partition table problem. A partition table problem would be allways a problem. I suggest you remove the HD from the external box and put it into the PC and try recovering the data from there.
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i had this before. something wrong with partition table, tried access it with linux, can read table but not duplicate files. i end up freezing the drive in refrigerator, and access it later on with windows 98, it worked.
Parition table is on sector 0, track 0, and if there is problem here, OS or BIOS cant read partition table.

You can try this.  Put drive in refigerator overnight.  Get system ready in morning to add this bad drive as master on seconday controller of another system.  Get ready to xcopy all data off.  Attach cold drive, and boot system, and within 10 mins, copy off all crucial data, starting with "C\my documents" and others you need.  This usually gets all you need.  After you get most off, consider yourself lucky and trash the drive.
you can try taking the disk out of the enclosure, and hooking it to the IDE cable.
Then see what gives.
You need to get a new hardrive that is compatible with your computer. The best place to go to is www.newegg.com
Your hd is falling... the fact that they show this error message after 15-20min, confirm this. Even that you fix in this point (if possible...) your Partition Table, they will be corrupt again, and the chances that the things stay worst are higher. Then, just concentrate in recover your files.
Like the folks said, try to keep your hd cold, but be careful when pulling in a refrigerator: they don't have to get moisture.
A hd cooler maybe help you.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:

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Try partition table doctor.

Worked after a XP set up format
skathariAuthor Commented:
Alright guys... the solution was with Stellar Phoenix that I used before... but with Get data at the same time... In other words Get data was never able to read the disk... but Stellar always was able to read the files, but it was going slow on recovering as a result for the partition table to come back corrupted, and having to turn the disk off and on again...

So, I opened Stellar Phoenix, recognized the disk, and while it was reading the files, I opened Get data... That way Getdata recognized the files too... and took the long road of reading them... (takes about 4-5 hours with Getdata, and 3 minutes with Stellar)... and I had nonstop recovery of about 2000 files...

Thanks for all your help you guys... I will give the points to the people that told me about Getdata...
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