Fatal error: Allowed memory size

I'm using a php script to open and read a data file using function fgetcsv; this works for data files up to the size of about 6MB but fails with a file of 7.98MB. I realise the default memory_size is 8MB and I'm wanting to open a 22MB text data file on the webserver. I've tried increasing the memory_size using both of the following techniques:

ini_set("memory_limit","50M");  -  placed at the top of the script file

php_value memory_limit "50M"  - placed in an .htaccess file

Both of these methods seem to cause the error message to register the increase, but it still fails. A typical error message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 31 bytes) in /home/account/public_html/directory/functions.php on line 117

Looking for some specific advice please, not links to other questions unless they have info specific to my problem. Maybe there's a better way to read the csv file, or read it in stages (line by line would take a long time there's 15000 records).

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try first to disable completely the memory limit and see if it works:


also set the max_execution_time to ...say 120 seconds to make sure there's enough time to parse the code:


There is also a case where Apache's memory limit interferes here .

Try adding to your .htaccess file the lines:

RLimitMEM 50000000

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ncwAuthor Commented:
Success!  ini_set("memory_limit","-1"); worked.

Fantastic, thank you.
You're always welcome ;-)
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