Delphi future and .NET

As a newbie to programming I have  been doing a course in Delphi 7. My student pack includes Delphi 8 but I have not loaded it yet.
On other projects I ahve been using VB and VBA and have a book on VB.NET.
I started another training course this year and they use C++ (not Visual C++) as a starting point and Visual C++ will be covered next year.
The comments I have found here are at least a year old and much has changed since then.

My issues are the following.
1. I am forced to use VB 6 and C++ for work related programming and that is not about to change in 2 years when it is estimated that .NET will take over.
2. The thing is I quite like Delphi. I cannot try to be master of all these languages. But I just get the feeling that Delphi is not a good choice to stick with for future development.
3. I am not in to all the latest on languages, so feel a bit lost.
4. Should I concentrate on C++ and VB and drop Delphi.
5. Should I look at c# for the future rather than Delphi.
6. I know C++ is used in Linux, but will Delphi/Kylex be a serious future solution?
7. My future interests are in developement along database related application. I am not into games and such like.

Any suggestions would be welcome in clearing the confusion and doubs about Delphi.
I am allocating 500 points because the correct choice right now is so important to me and my future.
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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> in 2 years when it is estimated that .NET will take over
I think that this is more Microsoft hype than the opinion of the programming community.

Delphi will be applicable for a very long time to come, and if you're very much into that, then I say "stick with it".
You find that once you get good at one language, you can quite easily pick up others — so perhaps you'll learn enough of the other languages to be able to use them if necessary.

But which one you go for should depend on whether programming is just a spair time hobby, or if you're looking for a career in it...   ?
Or maybe use delphi with .NET, so you're getting the best of both worlds  ;-)
Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your comments.
> in 2 years when it is estimated that .NET will take over.
Sorry, by this I meant .NET in the application I support, not Microsoft. There is some .NET stuff in the app already but not enough to "take over".

I get the vibe from 3 or 4 other programmers ( in my community) that I am wasting my time with Delphi. Also, in my student forum they frown at anyone attempting Delphi. So I feel a bit like I have something bordering on a serious illness. But then again, they are as wet behind the ears as I am or possibly worse. That is why I am asking experienced people in the "real world".

It would not be a serious thing for me to drop Delphi at this beginners stage. It is just that I enjoy it more than the other 2 languages, but I do not want to waste a future on it.
In Delphi 8 you should be able to build on .net framework!
So for starters continue using Delphi but start learning .net framework.

Later its easier for you to choose the language (delphi or or C#) based on your needs
if you are familiar with the .net framework objects.

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