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We have a windows XP network with workgroup setup. Now we are sharing a software from one computer to all computer in the network. Now we have a new server windows 2003 server and I am adding all computer to a domain.
Now if I add all computer to this domain can this software can still run because it is sharing a software from a work station?

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With out a domain controller userid/passwords are stored on each indivdual computer.  These are called local userids.  When you go to a domain model, you can have all userids stored on the domain controllers.  

This allows for easier centeral management of user's profiles and better security.  If you access any resouce that is on a domain controler or member server within the domain, you must use a userid/password that is on the domain controller.

Do you understand the domain enviroment?
Technically you can.

Are you moving the software to the server or leaving it on the workstation?  If leaving it on the workstation you will continue to use the same userid/passwords you are using today.  That is userid/password that are defined localy on the workstation that you are using today.  You will not be able to use your domain userid/password.
shahednyAuthor Commented:
we will move it to server but I want to make sure all work station join the domain first and then we will switch to server.
what you mean using same username and password? If I switch to domain I have to assign diff username and password to all computers..
I would set up a share on the server and move the software to it,
Need to make sure that users have the rights on the folder - might be easiest to create a new user group within AD "users and computers"
write a short login script which will map a drive to the share on login,
Users will then be able to run the software.

I assume that you will have created an account for each of your users already.

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