Socket Server over SSL. I.e Unity 2.

I have installed and setup Unity 2 socket server ( I intend to use this with a Flash front end.

Currently my Rich Internet Application is used to send sensitive data, so I use https/ssl. This works fine as a call my php scripts from flash, over https.

The problem is that it is ineffecient to keep making TCP connections to the server because I have multiple users at once. Hence, the socket server, is an ideal solution as it keeps the connection open and pushes data back and forth in real time.

My question is: how can I use this socket server over https????

I would greatly appreciate any help..


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If this is XMLSocket object connecting, I don't think there is a good way.

See FAQ #5:

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MilesTinsleyAuthor Commented:
Quote from:

"The one exception to this is the way Macromedia Flash uses persistent sockets
(through the ActionScript XMLSocket object), which does not use the browser to
communicate with the server. Because of this, it cannot take advantage of the
built-in encryption capabilities of the browser. However, it is possible to use oneway
encryption algorithms written in ActionScript to encrypt the data being

Fantastic! Thats what i needed to know. I better getter started on writing a "one-way encryption algorithm"!

I checked the Unity site before posting this question: i've never been able to see whats right in front of me!!!!

Thank you very much sleep_furiously. That has helped me greatly.....
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