How to start Outlook 2003 viewing CONTACTS

How to start Outlook 2003 viewing CONTACTS

The application always opens in Mail/Inbox screen. I have removed the checkmarks to remove Mail from being an option to show in the left pane but it still defaults to it when launching Outlook.

I only want to use Outlook 2003 as a contacts manager. I use Thunderbird as a mail client.

I am looking to have the Outlook 2003 application always open to Contacts as a default when the program is launched. (Only one user in Outlook - the default user)

Any help greatly appreciated.
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David LeeCommented:

Try this command line

    outlook /select "outlook:contacts"

GARTHAuthor Commented:
This was the right answer. Just for clarity I was setting up a desktop link and for that the full path is required to Outlook.

I worked from a command line but I could not make the command line a shortcut so...

In the Shortcut Screen ( I just modified my existing OUTLOOK start desktop Icon which has the full path.

Browse for OUTLOOK.EXE

then I removed
     the final Quote after OUTLOOK.EXE

then I added

    /select "outlook:contacts""

* Note the dbl double quotes on the end to pair strings the shortcut wants to wrap.

I cannot send the exact string (diff computer) but the office assistant wants to own/launch outlook which is why it pairs up with quotes.

Awesome response time and the exact fix I was looking for ... Thanks BlueDevilFan
David LeeCommented:
You're welcome, Garth.  Glad I could help out.
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