I want to install MRTG on my server, but I cant find out how other people install it properly with nice design. How do I do this ->http://www.fyvie.net/traffic/wsc_eth0.html ?


I want to have stats exactly like this page, I have everything installed but now I need some more help.
Thank you.
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Octalys, I can describe entire process:
1) Install MRTG
2) Select a data source for MRTG (usualy it's SNMP)
3) Configire MRTG
4) Create HTML template of such page (utility is shipped with mrtg)
5) Configure WEB server, generated pages will be out there
6) Run mrtg either as daemon or from cron periodically. It will generate .gif files from collected data and html files from template. Result will be put in your web root (as configured).
here you

http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/finf the templates for that but is a simple webpage
OctalysAuthor Commented:

Link you gave me, didnt work?
Pull up the page and then view the source of the HTML.  This does not really deal with MRTG, but with web page layout and design.
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