wifi & wired - weird access?

Hi folks,

I'm a former member here but due to inactivity forgot my password to my old username (and the registered email is no longer valid).

So, anyway:

I have a British Belkin adsl modem/router/firewall. It all works well and does it's job.
I brought it over with me when i moved from England (to America/Mi) assuming we'd go DSL in our new home. However, my wife moved some 2 months before I did (I closed the loose ends in England, while she started new loose-ends in America) and in haste to get online - went cable (comcast).

Using an two RJ45's - one that came without cable-modem - i've got my laptop online wihtout any issues.

The Main cable goes into the Modem, obviously. The RJ45 comes out of the modem into my Belkin router, slot 1. i use slot 4 to come out of the router into my laptop. This works fine.
My wife's laptop is a centrino, and it all worked fine in England. It see's the router (as wireless, that is) and even connects to it. But it will not get online in any fashion. No messenger's, no email, no http, no pings, no nothing... I have temporarily disabled the encryption, just in case, and still no joy. I've gone through the settigns, and still lost.

I'm at a loss of possible cause :(

I called comcast, and typically they're blaming my router...i called belkin and they're typically blaming comcast....... :roll:

I reckon it's a simple solution that i'm likely overlooking, or not encountered before. But for any network guru's - i'd think it's a simple one... but, i'm going to offer it as a 125 pointer (mainly 'cos it's all i got atm lol)

If anyone knows a possible solution, i'd be most grateful.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
RESET the belkin router..look for the button on the unit.. normally you will press this down till the lights on the unit "cycle"
Reenter any information that comcast provided you.
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
Tried that..didn't do anything :(

to summarize, the problem appears to be with either my comcast modem (Scientific Atlanta) OR my Belkin router.

My laptop gets online using the configuration i explained above, by my wife's cannot get online - though it does does connect to the router.

Take the laptop to someother wireless network in a quick minute you'll know it your laptop is the problem...

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No offense here, but did you say your cable modem was connected to port 1 on the router and the laptop was to port 4? Assuming you meant the LAN ports (the 4 that are together), the Cable Modem should actually be in the WAN port...off by itself. Your description of the happenings are contingent with your described setup.
If misinterpreted;

Start basic and work your way up.

1. run an ipconfig on your working laptop
2. run the same on wifey's (when "connected"). compare. anything staring you in the face?
3. try to ping the router from the Wife's
4. try to ping the internet ( is old reliable for me, and oh so easy to type!!) from the wifes.

report your findings.
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
"did you say your cable modem was connected to port 1 on the router and the laptop was to port 4?"

You saw right. It uses RJ45 for the wan, obviously. Now i'm not sure if it's because it's British - or what it is - but the input for the dsl (remembering it's a dsl modem & router in one) is for an RJ11 (British phone cable) connection, hence physically will not fit an RJ45.

Upon talking to Belkin, they recommended i plug the cable's RJ45 into port/slot 1 - as above, and then my laptop into port 2,3 or 4. Having done that, i saw connectivity and so we moved onto the wireless connection for my wife's laptop...

After trying for 10mins to connect, the Belkin support guy told me it had to be a problem with Comcast's modem or service and so couldn't assist me any further.

As an emmediate remedy, i'm sure i could just hook another RJ45 into port 2 or 3 - to tide us over, but the goal here is to get her wireless laptop working to it's potential.

I've done all the pinging business, and it pings the router - it says it's connected with 'excellent reception'. It worked fine when we were in England, and using DSL to get online. It will not ping any websites though.

I'm thinking perhaps i'll just purchase, though prefer not to when i already have the equipment here, another router - but a dedicated router this time, not a combined router & modem (i'd have to ensure it was a Cable router, not DSL).



Use a RJ-11 cable from your Modem to your router's WAN port NOT port 1.  
On your wife's computer dubble click on the computer with )) next to it (your wireless icon) then click on support.  After this click on Details.  Does it have a valid IP (it will say invalid if it is not valid, does not say valid if it is valid).
Whoops, I am sorry.  I ment RJ-45.
**22chris22 Laughs as self**
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
I can't - The WAN port fits an RJ11 only cable. It physically cannot support an RJ45.
The RJ45 fits into the LAN sockets, numbered 1 through 4.
The problem here is that you have an ADSL router, it is designed to connect to a normal BT phone line using the RJ11 socket, this socket is the WAN port on this router.

The WAN port is the only socket that can connect to the (in this case) Internet, however as you have a cable modem the WAN port needs to be Ethernet (eg RJ45), the problem is your router has no way to connect the WAN port to the cable modem as they use totally different systems.

You have to solutions, buy a cheap cable router and use your existing router like this http://www.tech24.arce.co.uk/rap.htm or better still just buy a cable wireless router (they are cheaper than ADSL routers anyway).

A cable router (usually called simply a Broadband Router) has a RJ45 Ethernet WAN connection that will connect directly to the cable modem.

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If you want to stick to Belkin products then something like this will work http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=45621 
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
There isn't some form of RJ11 (BT socket) to RJ45 converter is there? And if so, would that suffice - just using a converter (RJ11-2-RJ45) to sit between the router & modem?

Believe it or not, i'm usually quite up on these things, but have been out of the circle so to speak for a while.
>>> There isn't some form of RJ11 (BT socket) to RJ45 converter is there? And if so, would that suffice - just using a converter (RJ11-2-RJ45) to sit between the router & modem?

No... and if there was such a beast it would cost double the price of a new router.
p.s. Your question is like:-

I have a car that runs on Petrol [or should that be gasoline now :-)] can I get a convertor to run it on Diesel.
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
"I have a car that runs on Petrol [or should that be gasoline now :-)] can I get a convertor to run it on Diesel."
I appreciate the analogy, but i was thinking along the lines of the USB to RJ45 socket's that a shop in a shop i used to work in. I never thought we'd see something like that, but we did.
Sorry you are clutching at straws :-)

The USB to RJ45 is not unusual, USB is after all an interface device designed to be flexible. The POTS connection on your ADSL router is only capable of connecting to an old fashioned telephone line.

I know it hurts but you need to release some of those moths from your wallet :-)
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:

the idea of a converter was so much based on technical knowledge and assumption, but rather "well if they can transfer data from a to b, perhaps they can transfer it from b to c". Anyway, thanks for the kind words :P
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
oops, i meant:

*converter wasn't so much based....

not, 'was'.

i shall blame the error on my wife... not sure how, but i'm gonna blame her.
Tell the wife she will have to forgo one new pair of shoes to make up for her error :-)
Were you able to get IP address from the laptop. Were you able to ping by ip or host name?

If you were able to get an ip address from you wireless router, can you ping the default gateway? Can you ping outside like (external dns server) or yahoo.com?

If you were able to do all that, your internet is up and running. There might be a configuration issue on the laptop. There might be a proxy server the laptop trying to connect to. Just diable the proxy connection and it should be good in intern

If you were not able to IP address from the router wirelessly, then you are not connecting. Ethernet you have configuration issue or compatiability issue.

Let us know if u got an ip address or not.
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
will do, jli168... atm my wife's laptop is out on loan, as soon as it's back i'll give those a shot and report the findings.

though when i had pinged it previously, i could not ping the router nor outside addresses (like yahoo,google). i hadn't tried the default gateway though. even though i was unable to ping the router, it did state it was connected with excellent strength. weird, eh?
None of this will work as you will only get one Internet IP from your ISP, the first device to get the ISP assigned IP address will be the only one able to connect.

Feel free to waste your time with this advice, but without either multiple IP addresses from your ISP, or the WAN port of the router connecting to the modem (which we know you can't) then it will not work.

ps Multiple IP addresses from your ISP (if available) will be subject to additional monthly fee (no doubt). Also using your PCs with Internet IP addresses removes the protection afforded by a router.

Please save yourself the bother and buy a new router.


I believe you might be right. I miss read his email. Thinking that the slot1 he plugged in is the WAN port.  


The way you plug in it is not severing the purpose of the router. It's acting as a switch. Check you pc, if you get an public ip address, it is just passing it from your cable modem to the pc. It is acting as a router it will NAT the incoming ip address and than offer internal ip to the clients. (Serving as a DHCP server).
No problem jli168 I was begining to think I was the only one who could see the wood for the trees ;-)
mathewskarlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the answers.

I gave jli168 the extra one point as they managed to point out something i hadn't even considered (the router was acting as a switch).... thanks peeps :D
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