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I already created a web-site using dreamweaver 8 and the layout for all the pages are the same.  How do I create a template where if I make a change on one part of the page the changes will also take place in the others?
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi rudodoo,

If you have already created the whole site, creating a template is a little bit harder to do.

You would need to pick one your pages (usually the index page) and Save As Template.  Then define the editable regions and delete the content already on the page so you end up with a blank template page.

Here's where the process gets obnoxious.  You can try to apply the new template to your existing pages, but I have found that you usually cannot just create a template and apply it to fully laid out pages without problems.  Because the elements on the existing page also are present in the template, you will get some funny effects.  Try it.  If your pages look funny, try the following:

You now need to open every other existing page and copy the content to the clipboard.  Once you have done that, delete the entire page (get to a blank screen) and NOW apply the template.  After you apply the template, paste the content back in and save the page.

Alternately, you can edit all of the pages on your site to reduce them down to just the content and then apply the template to all pages at once.  I find this is about the same amount effort as the first suggestion.
rudodooAuthor Commented:
What if i just create another site folder and then create a template page, and insert the content into all the pages based on the template
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Yeah, that would work too.  You are performing the same basic action no matter which option you choose.  Templates need to be applied to blank pages to work completely as intended by DW.

I made the same "mistake" too.  I generated thousands of pages before I learned how to use templates.  The back-tracking took me almost a month to get it all under control.
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