Intermittent loss of connection from workstations to SBS Server.

Intermittently, my workstations lose their connection to the SBS server. This happens about once a week. When it does happen I reboot the server, and everything starts working again. Then a week later it does it again.

There are about 30 workstations. The server is a dual xeon 2.8 with 4gb ram. The server has been running for about 1 year and 4 months, without this issue, which started about 1 month ago. SBS SP1 and exchange sp2 have been installed. I have norton Corp 7.6 which reports no viruses, but I dont have mail protection installed. Sometimes the server runs low on memory; there is only about 200mb of free memory no matter what I do. If you need any other info just ask me.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I've generally found that this is caused by not connecting the workstations to the domain properly (using http://<servername>/connectcomputer.  However, the low availablity of memory is a HUGE problem that needs to be corrected.  With 4GB of RAM (the max allowed with SBS) you should have PLENTY!  But perhaps you haven't tuned it correctly?

It would be helpful to know what's running when the server runs low on memory... do you know?  If not, you should probably start watching it via the Performance Monitor.

Please review the SBS Best Practices:

This KB will help you to optimize Exchange's use of memory (usually the biggest culprit):

The SBS Show podcast of how to optimize performance on your Small Business Server:

FYI, if workstations were not added correctly (see with connectcomputer, then here is how to fix:

The following needs to be done with the client machine:
1.  Log in with THAT machine's LOCAL administrator account.
2.  Unjoin the domain into a WORKGROUP
3.  Change the name of the computer
4.  Delete or rename the following directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Clients
5.  Ensure that network interface is set to get IP automatically (DHCP enabled)
6.  Reboot

Then on the server, from the Server Management Console:
1.  Remove the client computers if it still shows in the Client Computer screen on the Server Management Console
2.  Add the client with it's NEW name using the Add Computer wizard

Then, go back to the client machine and join the domain by opening Internet Explorer and navigating to http://servername/connectcomputer

Good Luck!

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