2 NIC cards of dell-1750 windows 2003 domain master browser problems

The problem is the following:

I replaced windows 2003 AD with new one. The new one is dell-1750 dual nic cards, installed windows 2003 enterprise with DNS, DHCP AND WINS servers as AD for domain. Everything is fine except the following problem:

It is unable to browse the computers through the My Network Places -> Microsoft Windows Network, the icon of the domain cannot open when I enable the 2 NICs. It works if I disable one nic. On the AD server, I found some problems when I checked the WINS server:

1 nic ip is configured for all servers and domain controller and AD
1 nic ip is

The Domain Master Browser is if I use only one card
The Domain Master Browser becomed to if I enabled another card added.

The old AD worked fine with dual NICs. The old one is dell-2650. Could you somebody help me to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.
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you probably have to BRIDGE the two networks.  This is a common windows requirement.  It should not be necessary, because the whole purpose of 2 networks is separation, but windows file NW services dont undertand that.  So bridge the networks (right click, bridge) see if that gets what you want.  This is how MS uindertands networking but it is not techinically correct.

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Ok, I did a lot of reading and I think this is your problem:


While researching, I had the following typed out before I found the above info. I'm going to go ahead and still include the following, however, because some of it may still be helpful to you. -- Usurper_ii


Does it work when the Domain Master Browser's IP address is .9, but stop after the second nic is enabled and its IP address changes to .6?

If so, does that second network connection have a firewall on it, causing problems for the Domain Master Browser after it swaps over to it. Windows server 2003 comes with most everything locked down. Is it possible that you enabled certain ports for the one connection, but not the second...again, causing problems after certain services jump to the new nic after it is enabled.

Also, have you doubled checked that you don't have a different subnet masks on the two nics and that you have the same protocols enabled on both adapters?

I did some research and came up with this link:


One of the problems was caused by two nics with different subnet masks. I thought the above link might help you.

Also, check out this link:


and this link:


Also, have you tried running browstat.exe: Browser Status Utility:


This command-line tool is a general purpose character-based browser diagnostic tool. You can use BrowStat to view the status of running browsers in Windows Server 2003 domains and it also provides also provides information about the state of the browser, including the name of the master browser.

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