Web VNC disconnect on SUSE 9.3

    I'm running suse 9.3. I enabled vnc through the web (remote administtration) and I can remote into the server for 5-20mins and right in the middle of typing something the window freezes and I loose everything. Its like the session just ends. NOTE!! this is different than the session closing after so many minutes of inactivity. Im actually working and the session just freezes and I have to reconnect through the web.
Any suggestions??
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
normally web vnc is a java applet sent from the vnc server on port 5800/tcp

I would try to start vnc with logs enabled. don't know how the server is started on SuSE 9.x but guess it's on /etc/xinetd* directory

Does your VNC log files produce any information? this information will be in your .vnc directory
Yes - I'm guessing that this is due to the fact that the connection you are using is being tunnelled through port 80?...in which case, there is a setting within the http.conf that deals with killing of connections after a spurious amount of time. I'll come back to this if I remember.

Alternatively, it'll be something to do with the applet and it's credentials being terminated after a period of time, due to the ISP connection between you and the server.

..or..due to your IP address being changes by your ISP whilst you are still connected(ish)...you'd be amazed how often this type of thing occurs with broadband!

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
other option is start vnc with the foreground option so you can see it on a shell session and therefore can read the error message.
There could also be a problem with your internet connection. Check the logs of your router for disconnections...
FubyouAuthor Commented:
The connection is made without passing through a router. Its on an internal network. Im going to look at the logs.
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