In which file does Firefox store the font settings (font family, size, etc)?


I want to synchronize Firefox profiles between my desktop and laptop using Allway Sync but I don't want the font size settings to be synchronized because I set the font to large on the desktop because I have a hi-res big display, while on the laptop I have a normal display. Therefore, I want to synchronize everything except the font settings. If I know which file is responsible for the font settings, I can simply exclude it from the synchronization job.

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Since netscape 4, all these user preferences are in a file called prefs.js, which is dynamically rewritten each time you close the browser (+/- mail).  You cant separate the font settings from the other settings without parsing the file and creating a complex routine that will selectively change some settings and leave others unchanged.  This is almost impossible, since the file dynamically changes on each runtime.  

If you type in about:config in the browser address bar, you will get a list of all the settings.  You can use this config. listing to see what is similar and different on each system setup.
msafiAuthor Commented:
I see,

I guess what I'll do is make a sync job for the bookmarks and then when I see that I need something from either computer I will do a full sync and change the font settings manually.

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