Database not updating

My problems with Frontpage continue. I have deleted and reinstalled FP, IIS and FPSE and started again with a pared down persion of my site. I have left only the database component which is where I now am stumped.
I used the Database Results Wizard to create the pages and the database, checked the form properties and they align with the database and table, and verified the database in site settings.
The server extensions have been installed and confirmed. Are they required for database work.
I have used this option before and it all worked fine.

Your in exasperation

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Yes FPSE are required.

What folder is the database in?  Did you verify the permissions of that folder?

UrsaMajorAuthor Commented:
The database was in the \fpdb folder.
I unchecked the box in 'use simple sharing in folder options, and once the security tab was visible, I saw that IUSR did not have write acccess. Changing that variable now allows the database to be written too and deleted from, as if by magic.

I do not know how these things get changed but I appreciate the insight into knowing that they might have.



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