InfoPath: Conditional data display from an XML datasource


I need advice on an XML issue on Infopath.

Listed below is a snippt of the XML file that will be reffered to in this post:

- <OpenView>
    - <data>
        - <entity key="11111" caption="Configuration Item">
             - <group caption="SERVER01">
                  <field key="C0" caption="Search code" type="String 50 uppercase (Searchcode)" width="91pt" align="left">SERVER01</field>
                  <field key="C1" caption="Type" type="Entity Reference" width="129pt" align="left">Backup Server</field>
                  <field key="C5" caption="Location" type="String 50 (Name)" width="129pt" align="left">NEW-YORK</field>
                   .  {meaning there are more fields}
        .  {meaning there are more fields}

I'm using an XML file as a datasource to my Infopath Form.
First, i've created a Combo-Box Control which lists the values of the 'group' tag's attribute 'caption' (for e.g. SERVER01).
What i want is after this selection is made, to display in various textboxes the valus of the 'field' tag.
For example:
after choosing 'SERVER01' in the combo box, the following textboxes will be fiiled:
Location: NEW-YORK
Type: Backup Server

I've manged to position myself in the correct subtree of 'group' using the xPath formula:
xdXDocument:GetDOM("SERVERS")/OpenView/data/entity/group/field[../../group/@caption = current()]
but when trying to add a condition to the rule, saying: caption (field's caption) == "Location" (to display the location) it didn't show nothing in the textbox.
when removing the condition, it did show the 1st value on field (which is the 1st row: SERVER01, when 'caption' is "Search Code" (and not Location).

Can you please assist in finding the right commands to achive this?

many thanks!!

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edcic-adminAuthor Commented:
Amazingly so, i've found a solution by my own...
By using the function 'position()' i've manged to differ between the various field (OpenView/data/entity/group/field) instead of comparing it to its 'caption'
attribute which didn't work for some reason.

so, as for my question it's now solved.. i will probably need assitance on another infopath issue soon enough :)

thanks for now.
we should thank you for posting your solution :-)

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