Dual boot of XP PRO & XP PRO 64bit, error message in XP PRO

I have just installed Microsoft's trial version of XP Pro 64 bit on my AMD 64 Athlon. It installed over XP Pro, in the same partition, quite successfully. Everything sems OK but when I boot into XP pro I receive the following error message which just disappears if I close it.
msmsgs.exe-Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point Wow64Enable Wow64FsRedirection could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll
Is it possible to fix this error message so it does not appear and/or does it really matter?
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Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
Hi medcomputers,

While it's not recommended to install 2 operatin systems in the same partition, and I always courage my friends not to do it, It seems that XP Pro 32bit  is misinterpreting the operating system version and is trying to call a procedure in the Windows XP Pro 64bit as it happens to the old versions of win2k, and previouse one 9x.

I advice to remove this hardware and install it in another PC as a slave and backup all your data, and then install fresh windows from scratch.

Here is a link to microsoft explain more details, it's not applied exactly to your case, it's for win2k but i believe it's the same story:


Good Luck!

medcomputersAuthor Commented:
Hi Naser
Thanks for your prompt reply. This is my first attempt with XP 64 bit and I think I am on a steep learning curve here. I am going to stick with my configuration for the moment as I can access both operating systems and I will just live with the error message as it goes as soon as I click on it. My problems now are finding drivers for my hardware that is 64 bit compatible, please see my comment on the answer you posted re Samsung printer driver. I am going to wait a little longer to see if I receive any other responses to this question.
Thanks again.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello Matthew, Regards to you dear Naser too..

I don't think this is a kind of conflict between the too windows root directories...
To make sure it's not, run the following dll to uninstall Ms messenger, if you want you can download it by using Windows-updates, or by add/remove windows components..

1. Click Start | Run

2. Copy and paste the line below into the Run field, as shown in the screenshot below and then click OK.

     RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
It's explained here more specifically....
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Opps, forgot to tell you that you have to restart your computer, and check to remove msmsgs.exe entry from the Ms-Configuration startup items tab.

Click Start --> Run --> type msconfig and enter
goto Startup tab, locate the item "Msmsgs.exe" and uncheck the box next to it. click apply and restart..
If the problem persists once again, I recommend that you run system file check...

Click Start --> run --> type sfc /scannow.. and enter once you will be prompted to insert windows xp original CD, insert and wait for the process to be completed..

One last thing,,,, ! Can you provide the Directory list of C:\ drive !!!
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