convert code to asp to php

hi all
i have a real estate application in asp
and database is sql server 2000 and i m using relationships in in database
now the problem is my client told me that he want to convert all the applciation into php
so please help me that any body know about how i gonna convert the code of asp into php
and sqlserver datbase to mysqlserver database

please any body know the short way please tell me thanks
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The short way would be using something like to convert your code.
But, rest assured, this will not be 100% ready to go PHP code.
Also, it will not convert your sql server 2000 database code to MySQL code.
It will also not convert your SQL Server 2000 SPs (if any) to MySQL SPs.

The *good* way would be to recode the whole site. Once you know how to write basic PHP, it's not that difficult to convert an ASP site into a PHP site.
You could try to convert your code with one of the many (free) ASP2PHP convertors and learn from the code generated by that engine, also.

(ps: honestly, I had your problem about 5 years ago: I had to change a website from ASP/Access to PHP/MySQL in 12 hours time (changing hosts on the fly 4tw) and I had *no* prior PHP knowledge. I got a php mysql connect script from a guy and 4 hours later i had converted the complete site to work with PHP. It can be done, you just have to want to do it ;-))


mubbsherAuthor Commented:
Thanks Muhammad Wasif and Andy For your help
now i got the idea
thanks for your time and  effort
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