SequeLink parse error - bug ???

Good morning experts,

I got stuck with following problem

Trying to access FileMaker Pro 8 data (Win XP) in order to synch VisualCE 9 PDA application.
The FMPro Adv DataDirect SequeLink 5.4 ODBC driver is installed and DSN defined - test connect with FMPro Application sucessfull.
Setting up for Table export and synchronisation I receive following error

[DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][ODBC Socket][Datadirect][ODBC Filemaker driver][Filemaker] Parse Error in SQL.

The ODBC log shows that this error is raised with following SQL statement

select * from "Clients" where (OID <> 0) and (OID is not NULL)

OID being an empty number field in the 'clients' table  that is used for synchronising
Tried to populate all OID fields with 0 (zero) but got the same result
Went through the FileMaker odbc documentation but could not check whether NULL is acceptable for number fields.

As far I know this query is legal but not recognised by the driver ...

Aside of exporting to text or other I cannot find a way to solve this.

any suggestions , replacement drivers ...

Thanks by avance
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the query effectiveley looks ok, but the "null" concept in fmaker is somehow vague.
I would use >0 since if the field is empty, it won't take as > 0 anyway.
homeredunordAuthor Commented:
Hi Mr Lesouef,
Thanks for Your answer and suggestion though IOD could receive at a
later stage a negative integer value and should therefore be retrieved
even though its value is not >0.
Since FileMaker Pro does not distinguish numerical and boolean field types
but would You know if  FileMaker Pro + SequeLink driver react adequately to boolean queries:
(IOD <> 0) AND (IOD is Not NULL)  is then logically equivalent to IOD is TRUE .

If this is accepted by FMPro+ driver

how should the SQL statement be written then
SELECT * from 'clients' WHERE IOD = TRUE  
SELECT * from 'clients' WHERE IOD is TRUE

Thanks by advance,
internally, fm is able to identify a null field with the simple logic test "IS", and the answer is 0/1 or true/false depending on text/numeric field type used to store the answer (calculation type).
how is that translated by the odbc driver, no idea since I am always using fm a ODBC client.
so, I would guess 'is true' is correct.
but the area is hairy! I also use servoy with sybase anywhere and I have the same problems, for instance:
a field in a new blank record would answer correctly to a null test. if I put a value in it, then delete it, it won't be null anymore, but empty!
so I found out it is safer to test for empty fields where querying a foreign database:
in yr case that would be:
SELECT * from clients WHERE IOD <> ''


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homeredunordAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the explanation: I think this wraps it up.
I will conduct a series of tests and act upon the results.
By the way I just started to use Servoy and am very favorably impressed by the posibilities this development environment offers.
Thanks a lot for Your help, in absence of additional suggestions I will close this question in a few days.
servoy is very nice on user interface control.
I regret the lack of numerous plug-ins so far, and I am still 3 times slower to design things compared to fm.
but its remote usage through public lines is "wunderbar" compared to a poor web companion ergonomy.
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