problem with Web services and visual C++

Hi experts

I have a problem with web service
we have a web service and at other machine I created a project with visual C and then added a Web Reference to the project using the url of web service. it start to build .xsd files needed in the local directory but after creating that files an error occurs with message that it can not recognize the attribute "include".
the error message is:
Creating web service proxy file for WebReference ...
f:\myproject\test-wsdl\Etc\00000000\00000000\WebReference\PRPA_ST201001.wsdl(6,83) : warning SDL4004 : skipping currently unsupported element, with
    namespace = ""
    name = "include"
f:\myproject\test-wsdl\Etc\00000000\00000000\WebReference\PRPA_ST201001.wsdl(7,141) : error SDL1009 : could not resolve element, with
    namespace = "urn:hl7-org:v3"
    name = "PRPA_IN201101UV01.MCCI_MT000100UV01.Message"
sproxy : error SDL1002 : failure in generating output file: "WebReference.h"

00000000 - 2 error(s), 1 warning(s)

any help will be appreciated


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mnrzAuthor Commented:
Hi Raj

thank you for your reply, I couldnt resolve the problem because as I figured out, it is a bug. I change my mind and tried it using C# and everything worked correct. eventually I build a dll file from the C# and use it in VC++ .

thank you and wish you success.

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