Subclass a Checkbox

I want to disable using the mouse to check a checkbox.

I ran across this:

      // Call the check box window procedure first
      lRet = CallWindowProc(lpCheckProc, hWnd, wMessage, wParam,

      // If lParam points to an MSG structure
      if (lParam)
         lpmsg = (LPMSG)lParam;
         if (lpmsg->message == WM_CHAR)
            if (lpmsg->wParam == 'x' || lpmsg->wParam == 'X')
               // Select the check box when user presses "X"
               SendMessage(hWnd, BM_SETCHECK, TRUE, 0);
               lRet |= DLGC_WANTMESSAGE;
            else if (lpmsg->wParam == 'o' || lpmsg->wParam == 'O')
               // Clear the check box when user presses "O"
               SendMessage(hWnd, BM_SETCHECK, FALSE, 0);
               lRet |= DLGC_WANTMESSAGE;
      return lRet;

which appears to be on the right track. But the mouse will still work I assume.

This is in a dialog, using win32. Can anyone help me get this to work?


Ps. Before anyone gets into usability issues, I am only tackling this to see if I *could*. Just studying, this won't be in production. :)
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Dariusz DziaraProgrammerCommented:
  return 0;        // means that application processed message

I hope this is enough.

Dariusz DziaraProgrammerCommented:
I guess that checking, unchecking checkbox (by using mouse) is implemented by handling mouse messages like WM_LBUTTONDOWN so if you want to change it you should replace such handler by your own. For example do nothing in WM_LBUTTONDOWN for checkox.
edvinsonAuthor Commented:
Ok good start! Could you show me an example of 'doing nothing' with it? I am fairly new.
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