Changing User Name on PIX 501

I am installing my first PIX 501 v6.3(5) and am in the process of setting up the initial configuration.  I have accomplished the initial settings for both the outside and inside interfaces and have Internet access. I am struggling with the first of probably many issues though.

I am using the wizard to configure step by step and testing each modification as I go.

Maybe I can get some fast answers to a few basic questions.

1.  I have changed the password but don't see hou to establish a User Name.  How do I establihs/modify a User Name?

2. The Realm is "PIX" on the login screen.  Is that relevant? should it be changed and if so how do I change it?

3. I see how to open the running configuration in a broswer window and I almost understand it, (well at least I can read it).  Is there a way to modify, save, and apply the running configuration via an interface other than the wizard?  If so how?

This should give me enough information to be dangerous for a while.

Thanks in advance,
Daryl BibensPrincipalAsked:
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Daryl BibensPrincipalAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the poor typing in my initial question, (lack of coffee).  I thought I'd provide you with what I am trying to accomplish as I think it is pretty standard.

Netopia Router --- (ISP Provided,
PIX ---------------- ( outside, inside)
Windows 2003 R2 Server1 - DC Domain1 - www, Exch2K, FTP ( outside, inside)
Windows 2000 Server2 - DC Domain2 - www, Exch2K, FTP ( outside, inside)
Switch to wireless LAN devices, Workstations (Win2k & XP), Printers etc. via NAT & DHCP, (

I think that's pretty much it.  I do have a block of 10 more public IP's for future growth.

Any and all suggestions/questions are most welcome. I like getting it right the first time.

For your first post:

1.  I have changed the password but don't see how to establish a User Name.  How do I establihs/modify a User Name?

>>>>For PDM access, in its default configuration, the username is blank. You will need to enable authentication to be able to use a combination of username and password.  To achieve this using the PDM, just do the following:

a) Add a user account

Go to Configuration>System Properties Tab> Categories>Administration>User Accounts

Privilege level at this point doesn't matter since you are not using authorization. So just leave the default value.

b) Enable authentication

Go to Configuration>System Properties Tab> Categories>Administration>Authentication/Authorization

Enable Authentication for HTTP/PDM and set "server group" to LOCAL. Don't enable anything else or you
might lock yourself out.

As a precaution, before doing these changes, make sure you have other means of accessing the PIX, like telnet or console access.

2. The Realm is "PIX" on the login screen.  Is that relevant? should it be changed and if so how do I change it?

>>>>That's the default setting and is irrelevant. It doesn't need to be changed and as far as I know there's no commands  that I know of that will change it.

3. Is there a way to modify, save, and apply the running configuration via an interface other than the wizard?  If so how?

Yes, by using the TABS. On the main PDM page, there are 6 menus (home, configuration, monitoring, refresh, save and help). The  configuration Menu is where you need to go to. This will give you access to 5 Tabs (Access-rule, Translation Rule, VPN, Host/Network and System Properties.  These 5 tabs allows you to create, modify and delete certain settings while the Save menu will allow you to save the current running config of the  PIX to flash.

The Wizard will only allow you to do minimal configuration to get you up and running (for startup). For advance configuration,  you will need to go through the Configuration tabs and most often than not, you might find yourself accessing the PIX via CLI for  troubleshooting and for commands not supported by the PDM.

For your 2nd post:

>> Do you need some assistance on configuring those settings to your PIX by PDM? Or are you just showing what you currently have setup?

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Daryl BibensPrincipalAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much!  I provided the second post for informational purposes and failed to mention that I want everyone inside to have unrestricted access out and the only inbound access should be to the 2 servers.  Their inbound access is for Windows Terminal services, IIS, MS Exchange, OWA, FTP.

I think I am going to reset the PIX to the factory defaults and start over.  I would appreciate assistance with the configuration and would be happy to award these points and post a new question for additional points appropriate.

Thank you for the answers so far,
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