Bypassing Websense Block

Our school recently installed websense blocking software on our school network. Unfortunatly, the way they have it currently configured, it blocks alot, even things that are of educational value (for instance, the MIT website, and various other useful websites)>

One if the biggest problems is they blocked gmail, which is the primary method for filesharing that we have. I was wondering if it was possible to gain access specifically to I have already tried using various workaround addresses that have worked in the past (with bess), including

Please do bear in mind that due to the way the network is configured, i cannot install any software (such as an HTTP tunneler) on my school account.

If you have any questions that will help me to figure this out, please ask away.
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I think the only legal way would be to ask for access.

Give it good reasons to unban specific sites. Afaik one can unblock specific websites in websense that would be blocked because they contain nono words.


From the technical point of view, you could try to access via IP number Or setup a proxy computer at home and use it as proxy to get to you valued files, on the other hand then you don't need gmail for failesharing any longer.

A more into detail "workaround" is against the rules here on EE. So my 1st suggestion would be the best way.



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- Go through an anonymizer like (you'll need an account but you could try 7 day trial. There are others though..)
- Try some other proxy service
- Find another free email account that is not blocked (there are many - they can't all be blocked!)
- Use your imagination! As they say - where there's a will there's a way!
>  Our school recently installed websense blocking software on our school network.
Ask the admins to enable the sites you need.
Anything else is violating the guideline/rules. Dot. Period.
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How To Bypass Internet Censorship
julio_vega914Author Commented:
Well the admins are extreemly bureaucratic, and wont even consider unblocking the page unless the request is signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public enquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters.

As for obeying the "rules" they have aranged, i am quite apathetic towards abiding by them... granted of course i am not doing any hacking etc., i am really hoping just to find a loophole
Ok try is like gmail, maybe unknown to websense.

Just a tiny test - add a question sign at the end of the URL.

PS No worries, it will not do any damage, moreover it's a legally
formatted URL, when used in queries.
julio_vega914Author Commented:
None of the suggestions thus far have helped me. Oh well... thanks for trying
I recommend an equal split on the points
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