How to connect 2 VPN-Client (safeNet) from same subnet, to Office..

Hi there Gents...

Spend long time browsing through topics, but none of them seems to give any hints...

I have 1 Office with a Zywall 35. -  Support up to 35 simultaneous IPSec connections.
Connections from different single locations works just fine.

Now.. from another office... I want to have 2 clients from the same subnet, connected via Safenet VPN-clients to the Zywall at the same time.
The problem is that, one client connects and works fine,
but when the other client connects, the first gets disconnected.

I know something about not having the same ip-range or subnet.
But here´s the deal.
Client 1= /24
Client 2= /24
They share one DSL-modem with dynamic IP to internet.

At the Office - from internet to lan.
DSLmodem->CiscoRouter(WAN:static public IP.. InsideLAN: ->
Zywall(WAN: LanInside:>
Lan nodes : -

I know the best solution would be to install VPNbox ->VPNbox..
but that´s not an issue for the company.

Any help would be great.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
No question the same subnets is usually an issue, however with Safenet clients, they are connected with a virtual adapter and it may work. Wondering if the problem might be the router at that site. Some routers will only support a single VPN client (pass-through tunnel), the second is either not allowed or dropped. Can you verify if that router does in fact support multiple tunnels? What router is installed at the satellite office?

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HHLiisborgAuthor Commented:
Hi Robwill, sorry the delay..

It might have been the ISP-router ( Efficient Speedstreem). It´s gone by now.
It´s also a VPN-enabled device, but I couldn´t get access, cause of missing passwords ect.
So I installed a new vpn-router. Site-to-Site.

What I also noticed, was at the Main-office 1, they had another nat-router !! between internet an firewall.
So i had to change IP-(content) from Main-office public IP, to include the WAN-IP of the Zywall and nat-traversal on both routers.

> Internet - Nat-roter - Zywall - LAN

Satelite Office
> Internet - Zywall - LAN

So.. thanks for the clue, we r up an running.

PS.. If I want VPN-client access as well on the MainOffice Zywall, I just have to create
one more Gateway / Netpolicy right?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"PS.. If I want VPN-client access as well on the MainOffice Zywall, I just have to create
one more Gateway / Netpolicy right?"
I am not familiar with the Zywall units but that is the way it would normally be done. 1 policy for software clients and 1 for each site-to-site hardware tunnel.
Glad to hear you were able to resolve.
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