OpenSSL without certificate

I want to write a small client/server application which make use of OpenSSL for Data Crypting.

Is there any way to do this without certificates?

My case is that i cant share certificates... thats mean i need to connect and Handshake without a certificate. How Can i do this?

Regards woigl
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> Is there any way to do this without certificates?

> ..  that i cant share certificates..
why would you share certificates?
woiglAuthor Commented:
I want to write a server for configuration purpose and this server allow other clients to connect, but the clients dont have a private key...
woiglAuthor Commented:
Or is it better in this way to work with normal TCP Sockets and crypt the message before sending with MD5?
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> but the clients dont have a private key...
you don't need a private key for SSL/TLS (https)

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Well normal / usual way would be to use SSL i.e. https

You could by a cheap SSLÖ certificate or use openssl to create a private certificate and use it for data encryption:



woiglAuthor Commented:
but as far as i could find out, there is a possibility to receive to certificate from the peer...

Anyone know this?
Yes of cause.

With TLS you can use a certificate on the server side AND from the client side.

That way even the server can be "sure" to talk to the authorized person.

SSL/TLS provides endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography. In typical use, only the server is authenticated (i.e. its identity is ensured) while the client remains unauthenticated; mutual authentication requires public key infrastructure (or PKI) deployment to clients. The protocols allow client/server applications to communicate in a way designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery....

woiglAuthor Commented:
Thats mean my client dont need a certificate because it will receive it from the server side...

which certificate is good? x509

or is there any certificate which dont need a Country and State information?
Please check

The GNU Transport Layer Security Library for further details.

It will explain most of your questions.

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