I cannot delete a directory whose name consists of non-latin characters

Dear Experts,
I have some junk directories on my Pocket PC where the name of the directory cannot be displayed properly.  The characters appear as squares.  I think they are East Asian characters.  The directory contains no files.  When I try to delete it I get an error that says: "problem deleting the file .....".

I have also tried deleting it with Resco Explorer also without success.
Best Wishes,

Philip T.
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then you cant delete it :(
or try this


maybe theres an exe holding those folders.

yeah that happens, yiy cabt delete them on the PPC, you have to either Sync it with a computer, then delete it from there(you should see the ppc listed as a Mobile device in my computer),.

Or, if the file is on a SD card or something, get a card reader, delete it from there.
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woah what was i typing lol

change "yiy cabt" to "you cant" please lol
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I tried this and I run into the same problem.  Even trying to delete the directory from my laptop computer I get an error message saying that file names cannot contain characters such as "<" or ">" and it does not do the deletion.  I get the same error message when I attempt to rename the directory.
consider formatting the card? or if you know what language the characters are in, get a OS that has that language.

alternatively, try using a Linux OS to see if you can delete off that.

also.. if you know how to access Dos console, does Dos see those files? if it does then try deleting it from DOS?
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
If I format the card I assume that I lose all the data on the card and have to re-install everying?
yeah, that is the case
Presumably you've tried renaming the directories, etc. (Press Alt and Click on the icon) after which a delete may work. I wonder can you make a shortcut and examine the path?

Finally, back up the good apps, remove primary power and the backup batttery and press the hard reset button for a minute or two. Then (sigh) restore away!

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