Apache 2.0.55 for Win32 with SSL

Hi, I'm running apache 2.0.55 in a Win 2000 Server with PHP 4.4.0
Everything is running fine.
In the apache Site, you can only download this apache version for Win32 with no ssl support.
I'd like to have the the ssl support for Win32, is it possible ??
How ?
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Just found this which may be closer to your needs.  This guy distributes just the ssl library to add on and instructions on how to add it to your existing Apache 2.0.x

As you have discovered, apache.org does not distribute it with SSL:
"This version is only available at present in a -no_ssl flavor, due to ongoing questions of strong crypto redistribution."

Here are some detailed instructions for building Apache with SSL for Windows:

Here is a link to a zip package of binaries for Windows with SSL:
  See link "Apache_2.0.55-Openssl_0.9.8a-Win32.zip

Here are some PAQs:
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