New HDD not recognised

The 40GB Western Digital hard disk drive went South on my old Tiny PC, so I bought  a new Maxtor 160Gb disk and connected it.  When I boot off the original Tiny TClone V8 recovery CD It sees the disk (the first 137GB anyway), but then says that "this system is not compatible with this reload process".  

What information could be on the CD to tell it that there is a problem ?  Surely it would not be interested in the size of disk.  Whether it is formatted or not.  

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The Tiny Recovery CD was done on a specific size HDD and when you restore it tries to re-partition the drive to the same as the drive was previously, you will find that if you install windows manually then it will most probably be ok unless the BIOS does not accept the larger size drive. Hope this helps.
EugeneGardnerAuthor Commented:
I put the new disk on another PC and formatted the first 40GB FAT32 and the rest NTFS.  TClone OEM Harddrive Recovery System (Reload version 8.0) detects:
Harddrive   Maxtor 6L1
Visible capacity:   41.9 GB
Total Capacity:    134 Gb
Firmware:   BAJ41G20
And gives the same error message.

I put the bad old drive in and after "detecting ATA controller" I tried repairing bad sectors.  It said "MBR, BPB, BPB backup and FSinfo replaced" but the disk was not bootable.  I then tried to recover to it, and although it eventually failed ("38 invalid hearder code") it did get some way in, so there must be some check on the disk.  Ehst can it be ?  How to find out ?
To fix the 137gb hdd issue make sure your bios is up to date and make sure large hdd support is enabled in the bios, as for the image issue if it is looking for a specific hdd or size your best option may be just to install from an OS cd and use the coa that should have came with the system.
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TClone is most probably unable to read the NTFS partition so will only show the FAT32 content, you could try to install a new OP SYS to your old drive into a different directory so you can get it running for backup purposes.  What TINY machine is it and what version of the recovery CD do you have?
I found some what of an instructions for TClone:
Using your Reload CD (If supplied)
If you encounter unrecoverable problems with your system, then this Reload CD will be able to set your system back to how it was when you first switched it on. However, before using this CD please ensure that, where possible, you have made back-up copies of all your personal data as the hard drive will be set back to its factory settings, and all data will be wiped.

1. Log your system off
2. Insert the CD into the CD drive, then restart the PC/Notebook.
3. You will then be presented with a screen giving the following options:
R – Restore (start the restore process)
S – Repair Boot Sector (make the drive bootable)
D – Details (this gives information on when the reload was last run, which may be needed should
you call technical support)
C – Cancel (abort the reload process)

To proceed with the reload you should choose R – Restore, If you realise you have not backed up your data then you can choose C – Cancel, which will allow you to abort the reload process and you can then copy your data.

If you encounter an error message stating that the system is incapable of accepting this method of reload, then please check the disk for dirt/scratches and repeat the process above to try again.

4. Once the Reload process is running it will take approximately 30 minutes depending on the size
of your hard drive.

5. Once the process has finished, please ensure that you remove the reload CD before restarting.
It is important you do this otherwise the reload process will begin again when you switch the
system back on. If during the reload process you encounter any problems then please telephone
the technical support telephone number.

This comment:
If you encounter an error message stating that the system is incapable of accepting this method of reload, then please check the disk for dirt/scratches and repeat the process above to try again.
Suggests to me the problem may be with the CD and not the drive..
See if you can read the CD in another system..

EugeneGardnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for taking the time to respond to this.  
I have just put the recovery CD in another system and it seems to be fine: in Windows Explorer I can see two files - BOOTCAT.BIN & BOOTIMG.BIN

The PC case is not labeled in any way other than 'Tiny'.  I have a copy of Belarc output from a few months ago, and I am just told the mobo: "Tiny Computers MS-6378"  There is no CoA on the case, but I do have a note of the product key from the time it was working.

I don't think the 137GB limit is a problem at this stage.  Once I had a working system I could use the HDD manufacturer's code to create an extended BOIS on the disk to overcome that - or possibly update the BIOS, although I doubt MSI have  a suitable update for such a cheap old PC.

I'm sure with a new XP CD I could install, and I think I will have to buy one (as I have a new HDD I think I am entitled to an OEM version); but if I could recover to the original state that would be a cheaper option.

SteveG00000, surely the new disk is assumed to be unformatted by TClone. Otherwise they would need to send a formatting tool.  I have tried with and without formatting anyay. No, the problem seems to be that the recovery CD is reading something it doesn't like from the HDD header.  The old disk is not able to be mounted as it is so badly messed up. The Tiny recovery CD is labeled Version 1 (8.3)
MS-6378 is an MSI mainboard.
There were a couple of versions.
Can you give us a BIOS string?
There are several BIOS updates ++specifically for++ Maxtor 160 GB hard drives.
You need to figure out which PCB version you have.
It matters to select which BIOS update to use.
The markings should be on the board by the memory slots on the CPU side.
EugeneGardnerAuthor Commented:
I have bought an XP Home disk and that installed without difficulty.  The full 160GB is available withiout any need to update the BIOS.  
So it was the CD.
Perhaps just a poor implimentation of a restore function.
The "this system is not compatible with this reload process" may have been because the CD looks for something on the hard drive (encrypted file? hidden partition?) to verify it isn't being used to violate a copyright and what ever it was the new drive didn't have it.
Anyway, glad you're fixed.
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