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This question may well be in the wrong section of EE - if you think it is please let me know.

I am having difficulties in logging into my ISP's server. This is a new problem, as for a long time I have been able to upload files with ease using Smart FTP. However I changed nothing and yet I cannot now even see the files I have previously up loaded. The sort of log I get from their server is:

20:26:28] SmartFTP v2.0.995.10
[20:26:28] Resolving host name ""
[20:26:28] Connecting to <deleted> Port: 21
[20:26:28] Connected to
[20:26:28] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[20:26:28] USER <deleted>
[20:26:28] 331 Password required for <deleted>.
[20:26:28] PASS (hidden)
[20:26:29] 230 User <deleted> logged in.
[20:26:29] SYST
[20:26:29] 215 Windows_NT
[20:26:29] FEAT
[20:26:29] 211-FEAT
[20:26:29]     SIZE
[20:26:29]     MDTM
[20:26:29] 211 END
[20:26:29] TYPE I
[20:26:29] 200 Type set to I.
[20:26:29] REST 0
[20:26:29] 350 Restarting at 0.
[20:26:29] PWD
[20:26:29] 257 "/" is current directory.
[20:26:29] TYPE A
[20:26:29] 200 Type set to A.
[20:26:29] PASV
[20:26:29] 227 Entering Passive Mode <deleted>
[20:26:29] Opening data connection to <deleted> Port: 3953
[20:26:29] LIST -aL
[20:26:41] 425 Can't open data connection.
[20:27:32] NOOP
[20:27:32] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:28:23] NOOP
[20:28:23] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:29:14] NOOP
[20:29:14] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:30:05] NOOP
[20:30:05] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:30:56] NOOP
[20:30:56] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:31:47] NOOP
[20:31:47] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:32:39] NOOP
[20:32:39] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:33:30] NOOP
[20:33:30] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:34:21] NOOP
[20:34:21] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:35:12] NOOP
[20:35:12] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:36:03] NOOP
[20:36:03] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:36:54] NOOP
[20:36:54] 200 NOOP command successful.
[20:37:45] NOOP
[20:38:04] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[20:38:04] Server closed connection
[20:39:40] Resolving host name ""
[20:39:40] Connecting to <deleted> Port: 21
[20:39:40] Connected to
[20:39:40] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[20:39:40] USER <deleted>
[20:39:40] 331 Password required for <deleted>
[20:39:40] PASS (hidden)
[20:39:41] 230 User <deleted> logged in.
[20:39:41] SYST
[20:39:41] 215 Windows_NT
[20:39:41] FEAT
[20:39:42] 211-FEAT
[20:39:43]     SIZE
[20:39:43]     MDTM
[20:39:43] 211 END
[20:39:43] PWD
[20:39:43] 257 "/" is current directory.
[20:40:33] NOOP
[20:40:33] 200 NOOP command successful.


The odd thing is that the log tells me that I have been logged-in and yet I can do nothing despite that. By the way in the log I have deleted all references to my user name and to my IP address.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Tools ->Settings ->Connections -> Data Connection (in the main window) -> Mode

there is 2 choices there Active Mode (PORT) and Passive Mode (PASV)

try to switch to the other one than the one you have set up now.


patrickabAuthor Commented:

I've tried both before and it failed to improve matters. I have tried again just now and still no improvement. Any further ideas.

patrickabAuthor Commented:

It's the end of my day now - I'll be back tomorrow.

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I would start by trying a different ftp program.  I'm not saying anything against smartftp, it is a good ftp program.  But the best thing to do towards solving the problem would be to elliminate as many posibilities as you can.  If you try another program and it does the same thing than you know the problem is either connectivity or it is an issue with the server.  If it works than you know it is the settings or smartftp.  Try this and get back to us.
It is possible your ISP changed the FTP permissions structure.  I would check with your ISP.  If there is a control panel or something that you can log into, try that and see if they have updated FTP information.  If not, call their customer service and simply ask for FTP login info.  If they give you what you were already trying, notify them that you are unable to do anything using that info.
Your *web hosting company* has been messing with your account.  The same issue happened to me on one of my sites, and to this day, they still cannot fix it, even though I deleted the FTP settings, directories, and remade them with the right permissions.  I emailed them constantly, finally I gave up and used another site for FTP, and have never had a problem.  I would recommend you call or email the company hosting your site, and tell them to completely remake the FTP services on your account, and work with them to fix the problem, 20 to 1 that is where the problem lies.

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patrickabAuthor Commented:
purfus - You are totally logical in your suggestion. But what a pain to have to do that. Still I'll see what I can find to take the place of SmartFTP - at least to test your idea.

frep45 - I reckon you're correct. I think they have changed something. In general terms I am a low volume user of their server space - a few Excel files every day and the total on their machine kept well below their 30Mb ceiling.

scrathcyboy - Yep, I reckon you've got it right. Pipex are being very uncommunicative about the whole matter. I have emailed them now twice, have received their automated response and nothing more. I pay a ludicrous amount (£23.44/USD41 per month) for my 2Mb broadband with them and yet now they fail to provide a good service. To be fair this is the first time in 2.5 years that I have cause for complaint, however there are many other better deals going so I think I'll probably switch ISP and also give up using my ISP's space for files. Free file up-load services are available from a number of sites so I reckon I'll use them. They're not as fast to use but it's an option.

So my next actions will be to:

1. Pursue my ISP to sort it out
2. Try an alternative to SmartFTP
3. Move to a new, cheaper ISP

I'll let you all know what happens. Meanwhile don't hold your collective breaths as it will take time. I always close questions and will be awarding an A anyhow. So thanks for your help so far. I may well be back for further help before closing this question.


Don't forget Windows comes with a standard FTP program available at the command line (shell).  IE also can perform standard FTP operations.  I recommend going to a shell (command or cmd) depending on your os and typing "ftp (hostname)".  It will then prompt you for username and password.  If you are able to connect that way, type "ls".  That will list the directory.  If you are able to view the root directory, you know that SmartFTP is not configured properly to work with your ISP.  Type "bye" to exit the connection and "exit" to exit the command line interface.

If that is the case, for the sake of time just make a new connection in SmartFTP to your web server in order to use the default settings.  At least it is a start anyway...

SmartFTP is a great program, so don't give up on it.
patrickabAuthor Commented:

Wow, I never knew that about using WinXP or IE6 for FTPs. Amazing what you learn here! However you have perhaps forgotten what I wrote originally, which was that for quite some time I have used SmartFTP very satisfactorily.

Anyhow, I need to update you all as my ISP has now admitted that they have problems on the webspace part of their server. So it seems they are aware of what's going on but couldn't be bothered to tell their paying customers - great!

I'll wait until I get back up and running with them before I close this question. Sooner rather than later - with a bit of luck.

patrickabAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all for your suggestions. In the event my ISP has had serious tech problems but couldn't bring themselves to admit to it!! Patrick
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