Win XP boots up into Configuration Utility rather than desktop

Why did my new Dell XPS400 (Win XP) start booting up into "Press <CTRL-I> to enter Configuration Utility" --- I just upgraded my MS Office to 2003 and followed instructions to re-boot the computer now.  I don't know how to through this or around it to my desktop!!!
I cannot execute a CTR-ALT-DELETE or anything....but turn off the power.   This is NOT good.

Thank you,
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Can you boot from the XP CD? If so, boot to the Recovery Console and run chkdsk /r. Then reboot and report back.
Can you boot into safe mode?
Try "last known good configuration";
Have you tried a system restore to the restore point created before your Office 2003 install?
Does the BIOS report all drives as present and seen before the "config" error?
bcb123Author Commented:
Thanks for responding....
Isn't F-8 used for safe mode.  I tried that, but it will not take me there.
Ok. Boot from an XP CD into recovery console and try running chkdsk /r. If you do not have an XP disk, try to download a PE disk from here:

You can run chkdsk /r from within the "storage" tab.

I realise it is hard to download with a non-booting pc, but maybe you have a friend with a functioning comp.
bcb123Author Commented: seems that I gave myself a near heart attack for nuttin'
When I inserted the XP CD, it would not boot-up either....but then I noticed that I had left the SanDisk photo card in the side of my new fancy-schmancy monitor.  When I removed it, the system re-booted just fine!!!  That is the second time this has happened since I setup my new system.  The last time, I had an external hard drive attached to the system while transfering large video files.

If you have any advice on how I can re-set the 'system' so it doesn't look at these external drives before it boots up the main hard drives, I would appreciate it.  I need LESS STRESS in my life!

Thank you for attempting to help me anyway.
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