ADPrep runs ok but adding w2k3 server to 2000 domain shows still not updated.

I'm updating a 2000 network.  There were two 2000 servers, one TS, one DC/Exch/SQL.  I replaced the TS with new, scrubbed and loaded the old TS server with 2003 and want to promote it so I have two dc's before I pull exchange and do an inplace upgrade on the third.  I ran adprep on the domain with all three switches, '/forestprep' '/domainprep' and '/domainprep /gpprep'.  All three ran successfully.  I'm now trying to dcpromo the reloaded server but am getting an error message that I need to 'run adprep, the forest is not compatable'.  I rebooted all three machines to make sure they sync policies and domain information.  I tried to re-run adprep but got an error saying it already ran.

Help!!!!  I can't find any info on this at M$ or google,  all similar problems show different dcpromo error messages.

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Hi jrtall,

with windows 2003 R2 (release 2) you will need to run the adprep tools from the second cd supplied in the 2 cd set!


you can also download here

this boosts the schema up to cope with R2 functionality

jrtallAuthor Commented:
You hit the nail on the head!

It makes me sick to think of the time I wasted because they couldn't document that right... the old adprep is in the i386 folder on disk 1, the folder right where I'd expect to find it based on it's location in earlier versions...  Bill's going to get a personal note from me on that one!

Thanks for the quick assistance!!!!

dont worry man, a lot of people are going through the same problems

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