Good Hashing code for a string

I need a basic hashing code for a string of the form '9X9XX99X9XX999999' where 9 represents any digit and X represents any letter (capitals A-Z only).

Should be a quick 75 points for someone...
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What do you mean by a basic hashing code ?

How big do you want your hash table to be ?

You could just add up all the characters (their ASCII values) ...
bombboyerAuthor Commented:
I'd like the hashing table to be as small as possible (ie. not a sparse array). I don't need "exact fit" small, but decently "tight"...
What is the data that is gonna be put in the hash table ? What are its properties ? Anything special, or 100% probabilistic ?

Does the data need to be persistent in the hash table, or can it be erased on collision (like a cache) ?

How many entries do you foresee into the hash table ? Any clustering you think could happen ?
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Java uses the following computation for hashing strings:

You might want to restrict it to a limited number of characters if its uniqueueness is liable to be at the beginning of the string.

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One good hash scheme, used by Borland's compilers:

BigPrime := 1009;
Tot := 0;

for i := 1 to Length( Token )      Tot += Tot * 13 + Token[i];

Tot %=  BigPrime;

If the strings contain '9' and 'X' only you might calculate the hash by setting bit i to 1 if the key[i] == '9' or bit i to 0 if key[i] == 'X' (or vice versa).

  enum {  MAX_HASH = 1023 };
  unsigned int hash = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i < strlen(key); ++i)
       if (key[i] == '9')
            hash  |= 1<<(i % 32);
   hash = (hash * 13) / 7;  
   hash %= MAX_HASH;

The for loop calculates a unique number for any key that has a length of less than 33. By multiplying it with 13/7 we eliminate bad hashing if for example most keys would end with '9'.

Regards, Alex
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